>Today is the Two Month Anniversary of the Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World. This is an updated repost of my very first Post.

So, now you’ve done it. You’ve told the family you’re going to Disney World. The kids have finally stopped bouncing like Tigger, but the smiles on everyone’s faces seem like they are pasted there for eternity. Now, you have to figure out what to do next. This post will help with the first steps of planning.( I will not go into making reservations and all that, most of those things can be done on the internet or over the phone with the Disney Cast Members, who are wonderful at helping you to plan your Magical Experiences.)

The Walt Disney World Web Site is a great starting point. On this site you can see the Theme Parks, the Resorts and the many Restaurants, that are in the Walt Disney World Resort. When you are on this site, you have an option of ordering a FREE Disney Planning Video.  This is an Unknown Magic that many Disney vacationers don’t take advantage of. You Should Do this! Not just for the planning tips and to learn about Disney World, but for the views of the Theme Parks, Resorts and other guest areas. Even though we’ve gone every year for the past 5 years, I still order one of these every year or so, not only to see what’s new, but to get my Disney fix.

A few years ago, we ordered one of these DVDs and one of the tour guides on it kept trying to find the best bench to sit on in Walt Disney World. This was my son’s favorite part of the DVD. When we went down that summer, he tried just about every bench in every park, to find the one he liked best. It is a Magical Experience that we still talk about.

There are many other great web sites for finding Disney information. You only have to Google “Disney World” to find the Official Disney sites. And then try  “WDW” for some really great Fan based web-sites (Such as the ones to the side of this Blog page. There are many other great ones out there also) All of them have pictures, videos, and information to get you started and excited about your trip. The Official Disney site will help you with your planning and reservation, while the fan based sites are helpful in that they have many pictures and opinions about accommodations, places to eat, and the many activities that are offered through-out the Walt Disney World Resort. Once you research your trip on the internet and have gotten your DVD, you can make a better decision on where to stay, when to go, and for how long, then you should call and let a cast Member help you with planning the details.

Something to remember, you can’t do everything in Disney World in one trip- it is impossible. You need to think about how your family enjoys a vacation and what you want out of it. The Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World shares with you things that people miss the first time, because either they are trying to do too much or just don’t know about the things they are missing. These tips that I give will help you and your family create Magical Experiences throughout your stay.

So, now you know, the Disney Planning DVD and the Fan based and Official Disney web-sites are an Unknown Magic in the Disney Experience. And planning for your trip can be a Magical Experience for the whole family. So enjoy!