>For newcomers to the blog, The Unknown Magic within Walt Disney World gives tips and ideas for a first time visitors to Walt Disney World. These are things that most first time guests (and even some return visitors) miss because they don’t know about them. I hope they help you have a Magical Experience or two. If you like the blog, follow us on the Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/32whtwv or on twitter @umwdw
 For returning readers, This was one of my first few blogs that not many people have read. I have made some changes, but this is probably my favorite Unknown Magic in Walt Disney World.

 One of My favorite Unknown Magic is a a place that is not in any park. To get to this place, you actually need to get to the International Gateway at Epcot. It is located just past the United Kingdom Pavilion. As you walk by the Yorkshire County Fish Shop and start up the small hill, you need to stay to the right and walk down the opposite side of the hill. You will pass a small shop and then come to an exit for the park. This is called the International Gateway. You can board a boat here or you can continue walking to get to the Unknown Magic that is my favorite. The Friendship Launches that leave Epcot navigate Crescent Lake, go to Disney Hollywood Studios, the Beach and Yacht Club resorts and The Swan and Dolphin Resorts and to Disney’s Boardwalk. (The other way to get here is by bus. Go to the Boardwalk Resort and then walk around the back of the Resort by going down the stairs.)

Disney’s Boardwalk is behind Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort and Villas and it is free to visit. The Boardwalk is reminiscent of a turn of the 20th century seaside resort town, very much like Atlantic City, NJ. During the day the Boardwalk is usually a quiet relaxed place, with people walking around Crescent Lake and visiting the stores and restaurants. You can also rent surrey bikes for a ride around the quarter mile loop. There are tables and benches around the Boardwalk, where you can sit and enjoy pastries and other goodies from The Boardwalk Bakery or Seashore Sweets. Your food options range from The Pizza Window to Flying Fish Café. There is an ESPN Club at the very end of the Boardwalk that has a bar, restaurant and an arcade where they sell ESPN merchandise. My favorite place on the Boardwalk however is Big River
 Grille and Brewing Works. This Brew Pub is small, but there are tables outside where you can sit and enjoy the view of the Lake. They don’t serve fried food there, so there aren’t any fries served with the burgers, but the food is very good and their crafted beers are wonderful. We consider Big River a must for lunch at least once every trip.

At night the Boardwalk takes on a whole new persona. As the sun goes down, the lights come on and the area becomes electric. There are Performers that come out to entertain and amaze. There are boardwalk or midway games to play and win prizes. There is a nightclub called the Atlantic Dance Hall and a piano bar called Jellyrolls, that are both 21 and over clubs, that are fun, especially with a group of people.

So, now you know, The Boardwalk is a great place to visit and take a well deserved lunch break, or just a mid-afternoon stroll, when visiting Epcot. But at night, as people get caught up in the excitement of the Boardwalk, and the magic seems to come from Boardwalk itself, it seems to have a special quality that makes it a perfect for Magical Experiences.