We leave for Walt Disney World in less than three days. Not that I’m excited or counting down or anything. Actually from what I have recently read on thedisneydrivenlife.com “As soon as the reservations are made, a Disney vacation countdown of some sort is required.” This is principle number five of DISNEY DRIVEN LIFE PRINCIPLES. There is a list of 25 Principles for the Disney Driven Life. The Blog itself is a pretty neat site.

Anyway, I’m excited for many reasons, one because I will be able to find more Unknown Magics to share, so that you can have more Magical Experiences, but the other is that, I’m Going to Disney World! I still get excited every time we go. I get excited about the fact that we’re going to be there, I get excited when I think about the Parks and the Attractions that I love, and I think about the things we’ve down in the past. I also look forward to new things that we haven’t done or seen. But the one thing I get goose bumps about every time I go, is today’s Unknown Magic.

This Unknown Magic is not the first thing I have to do when I get to Walt Disney World. It doesn’t matter to me when I experience this. I just have to within the first couple of days. It doesn’t have to be in the Daylight or at Night specifically. Some people say they have to do this to know they are in Disney World, I don’t. It doesn’t represent my arrival at the Happiest Place on Earth and it doesn’t really represent anything for me. It just leaves me with a feeling of Awe and Wonder, and Magic. Today’s Unknown Magic is The first view of Cinderella Castle.

Many of you might not understand. But some of you might, you may have dreamed of going to Walt Disney World as a child and you just weren’t able to and now as an adult, you are finally getting there. So, maybe you are all ready excited about seeing the Castle, and the Magic Kingdom for the first time. But you don’t know the feeling yet. You’ll feel it. A lot of people do.(Some of us still get the feeling every time we enter the Magic Kingdom). Sometimes people miss it though, because of the commotion of Main Street or the crowds. Or they are just in a rush to get to one of the attractions. But if it is your first time going to Disney World, you need to follow the advice I have given many times, look around, take your time and Don’t be a Disney Commando. I don’t believe Disney Commandos have the chance to experience today’s Unknown Magic, because to understand it, you have to let it overtake you, not run over it.

Everyone has seen pictures of Cinderella Castle. If you go to Google Images, and type in Cinderella Castle you will get 505,000 results (if you spell it Cinderella’s Castle you will get 522,000). But looking at a picture isn’t the same. As you get to the Magic Kingdom, the anticipation grows. You leave the Monorail, the Boat or Bus behind and you walk through the turnstiles. You walk under the Main Street Railroad Station, and come out onto Main Street USA. Here is where you need to go slowly. As you walk out of the train Station, you will see the Castle in its entirety for the first time (You can see the castle from the outside of the park and even from the Polynesian Resort, but not fully). From the ground up you can see everything. It is perfectly framed by the buildings on Main Street, so that this is where you have to look. With it being Florida, many times the Sky above the Castle is Blue, and perfect. It is a beautiful sight.

 If you look at the Castle as the symbol of Walt Disney World you can feel the Magic of where you are. If you’re like me as you see Cinderella Castle, you are over taken with the feeling of amazement; with a feeling that Walt Disney had his people build this Castle, as a monument to Magic and to Love and Childhood and Family and all that is good in the world. And it over takes you. It’s like the feeling you get on Christmas morning when you give the Perfect Present. The feeling you get when someone says they Love You for the first time.

It is a very Magical Experience, but one that can only be had if you don’t rush it. You can only feel this way, if you take your time and see Cinderella Castle, not just look at it, but see the beauty of it, the Blue Roofs against the White Stone Building. The Golden Spire rising high into the air. The Arched Entrance that leads into Fantasyland.

 The Magic that comes from the view from the Top of the Main Street Train Station, looking down the street at the Castle is awe inspiring; and to see Cinderella Castle at night is even more amazing. The Castle changes colors every few minutes. And it is really a spectacle to behold. And of course when the fireworks are going off above it, it’s Magical. They light up the Castle on special occasions in neat ways also. For example, around Christmas there are Snowflakes coloring it. In the night the Castle is amazing, it is really something to see.

So, now you know, one of the Unknown Magics in Walt Disney World is one that is looked at all the time, but you need to take the time to See It, to have the Magical Experience. So, slow down and take a look at Cinderella Castle.