My friends Carl and Ellie over at Relocated Tourist had a great post today on their blog. It was titled: Romantic Spots at Walt Disney World. Carl listed 40 some great Romantic spots and things to do in Disney World. I loved it. It actually brought a mist to my eyes thinking about some of these great places. But they missed one. Actually I’m sure they missed a few and even left it open ended to have you share your favorite Romantic Places in the comment section. But they missed one important one. One that should have been at the top of the list because it actually tells you it is Romantic. This would be the Unknown Magic of The Romantic Road.

Outside of the Germany Pavilion in Epcot there is a pathway that leads you off the main thoroughfare. This is The Romantic Road. The Romantic Road is a miniaturized version of the real Romantic Road that according to famouswonders.com “is located in between Wurzburg and Fussen regions of South Germany. This region was discovered by the tourists in the year 1950 during the expansion of the Bavarian and Baden-Wurttemberg Highway. Today, the journey on the Romantic Road is a great experience because several historical sites can be seen as you travel down it.”

The Romantic Road in Epcot is a true replica of the Romantic Road and celebrates the German culture and love of Model Railroading. It is kind of a neat, because as you walk the “Road from Wurzburg to Fussen or Fussen to Wurzburg, you are walking

through a wonderful model railroad display. I always liked it because as a kid I liked the trains set up around Christmas and our neighbor when I was very young had a huge train display in his basement that was unbelievable. So, I always get a kick out of the Romantic Road, but when we were down this past visit with our friends, I saw it as a Magical Experience. Our Friend is German and she has taken her family to Germany to visit family in the past. Well, her 13 year old son got such a kick out of the Romantic Road, that we stood there for a little bit and they looked over every inch of the display, recalling this place and that and remarking how great the display was.

The display itself is very neat, because it is not just a train display it is a true miniature village. There are people walking about the town, and cars and trucks waiting outside of buildings, churches, houses and of course the train which has people waiting at the station for it. It also has a mountain region and a stream through it and right through the middle is the walkway for you to see it all.

It is a very neat Unknown Magic, that even if you aren’t from Germany, but you enjoy model trains, you can enjoy as a Magical Experience.

So, now you know, of all the Romantic Places in Walt Disney World, the one that is truly “Romantic” isn’t just for couples, but the whole family. So take the road from Wurzburg to Fussen, and enjoy the sights.