As I’m sitting here, starting to write, Elvis is on singing “Island of Love”, from Blue Hawaii. This song always reminds me of the Polynesian Resort. It just has the sound that is perfect for the Lobby area in the Great Ceremonial House. Other songs remind me of places in Walt Disney World also, like Kenny Chesney’s “Anything but Mine” reminds me of walking past the Gazebo on the Boardwalk, up past the ESPN Zone. Then there are sounds that make me think of Disney world. On my IPod touch, I have a game called “Line-Up” that has sounds that remind me of Snow Whites Scary Adventure. These sounds and songs, all are wonderful when I’m home, because they help me to remember Magical
Experiences had in the parks. I’m sure you have memories brought back to you by a song from time to time. Maybe it is even a song they play on a ride or in the parks that you hear and takes you back. I have written in the past about the music that is played throughout Walt Disney World to enhance the Magic. And everyone has their favorite song, but what about the other sounds of Walt Disney World? Things like spoken messages or just sounds that go with attraction. Today, I offer to you, the Unknown Magic of the Sounds of Walt Disney World.
As I have stated before, I think “Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas,” is one of the most Magical phrases spoken in Disney. To hear the words then the dings/beeps, then the whoosh of the doors opening, in my mind is a Magical Experience everyone should get to enjoy at some point in their lives. But this isn’t the only Magical sound to be heard on the Monorail, another great one is Welcome to the Magic Kingdom.” And I always chuckle when they say, “Gather your belongings and take small children by the hand.” Mainly because when I was a kid, we thought they had said, “Take small children by the head.”
Once you are in the Magic Kingdom, there are some sounds that can create magical Experiences too. “Welcome, Foolish Mortals”  is one that can send shivers of delight down anyone’s back. Another is “Ole’ Ole’ It’s Show Time,” from The Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management. Another great sound from within the Magic Kingdom is the whistle from the Walt Disney World Railroad as it comes into the Main Street USA Station, and then the hiss of the Steam as it comes to rest.

In Disney Hollywood Studios, there are a few sounds that can be heard that are pretty specific to the Studios. One is the explosions coming from the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. Another is “Star Tours announces the arrival of the Endor Express.” And my favorite, “Did you say cheap 3-D tricks?” said by Fozzy Bear, as he blows a party horn at the audience, in Muppet Vision 3-D.
Over in Epcot my Favorite sound is probably the noises of the Rose and Crown Pub as Pam Brody is playing at the Piano and people are singing along. I also like the sounds you hear as you are on the clamobiles as you are riding into the Seas with Nemo and Friends.
The Sounds in the Animal Kingdom are sounds that are the most unique of any park, anywhere. Where else can you walk through a Theme Park and hear a lion roar or an elephant trumpet? What a Magical Experience. These sounds are things that as you hear them, you might not think too much about them, but after you have heard them a few times they become part of your park memories. That’s what makes these Unknown Magics so special.

So, now you know, The Music isn’t the only Magic that can be heard in the parks, sounds and spoken messages can help to create a Magical Experience for you also. And if anyone has seen him, please tell Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. his party from Saturn has arrived.