Shawn Slater over at Disney Shawn shared a piece the other day talking about how the characters’ outfits can be interchanged to represent where they are and what they are doing*. He brought up Chip and Dale in their Rescue Rangers outfits from their show from a few years back. I found it funny that he brought up Chip and Dale in that article, because earlier that day, before I had a chance to scan the Disney pages, I was thinking about Chip and Dale also. My thoughts were less about their outfits and more about the fact that for two little guys, who were supporting players until March of 1989, they have an awful big profile at the Walt Disney World Resort. So much so, that as I was looking through pictures of our last few trips to Disney World, I found so many pictures with Chip and Dale, and when I didn’t get pictures of them this last trip, I remember seeing them around. So, today I bring to you the Unknown Magic of Chip and Dale.
Now, the first thing we have to talk about before getting into the Walt Disney Resort and Chip and Dale, are the chipmunks themselves. According to the Disney Archives, Chip and Dale first appeared in “Private Pluto,” in 1943. They are Pluto’s headache, when “Pluto is ordered by Sgt. Pete to guard a pillbox that two pesky chipmunks are using for acorn storage.” After a few more Pluto shorts, they became Donald’s problem which is when they were first given names in a short called Chip and Dale in 1947. They were given their own series, but only starred in three cartoons, all of them in the early 1950’s. The two chipmunks were then relegated to being in Pluto and Donald cartoons until 1989, when they became the stars of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers one of the Disney Channel original shows that became part of the Disney Afternoon block, along with DuckTales, TailSpin and Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears. These shows only lasted about 4 years, but are still available on DVD. There is one other thing you need to know about Chip and Dale. Dale is the one with the Red nose. Chip’s nose is black, like a chocolate chip!

The reason I bring all this up, is because for two co-stars in older cartoons and stars of a short lived TV show, these two are very visible in the Walt Disney World Resort. Everywhere you go, you see Chip and Dale. We were at the Animal Kingdom a few years back and they were at the front of the park, greeting people as they came in to the park. We had a great time and a Magical Experience with them and while this seems like a logical place for two chipmunks, the Animal Kingdom, they don’t just hang out there.

We’ve seen them in the Magic Kingdom; in front of the park, in Frontierland and in the Town Square area. Every time we have seen them and gotten an autograph, or a picture, they have been fun and silly.
They are also featured during parades during the day and at night.

Chip and Dale can also be found at many of the character meals. We haven’t been to one in a year or so, but they used to be at the Breakfast at the Cape May Café, Chef Mickey’s, and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. They are also the hosts of the Buffet Lunch and Dinner at the Garden Grille Restaurant – Located at “The Land” in Epcot’s Future World. If you are Chip and Dale fans, as I am, these are great places to get a little face time with the friendly rodents. As I have stated in articles in the past, Character Meals are great places for Magical Experiences.

Notice the black nose-
it’s Chip

As for Merchandise, they sell Chip and Dale shirts, Ewok figurines (that look like Chip and Dale),stuffed animals, pins, lanyards and now, Vinylmations with the pair on it. They are on almost as many items as the Fab Five are.

So, now you know, Chip and Dale although only secondary characters in the classic Disney Shorts, came into their own in their own TV show, and are now ambassadors for the Walt Disney World Resort. They can be found everywhere, and always provide a fun Magical Experience when they are around.

*Shawn’s article: http://disneyshawn.blogspot.com/2010/09/chip-chip-chip-chip-dale.html

Disney Archives Article on Chip and Dale: