Here in New Jersey, if you go to the beach, we have boardwalks. On some of the boardwalks, we have Tram cars. For those of you that don’t know what a Tram is, it looks like a Huge Centipede with wheels. They stay to the one side of the boardwalk, and when there are people in front of the tram, they play a really obnoxious recording that says, “Watch the Tram car please!” over and over again, until you move. This got me thinking about the article I wrote a while back, about why I think you should drive to Walt Disney world or rent a car when you fly to Orlando. There were some reasons I offered for needing or having a car, and I explained why I like “Drivin’ ‘round Disney”.  In that article, I didn’t mention an Unknown Magic that is fun and actually essential, when you drive to one of the Disney Theme Parks. It is the Unknown Magic of The Tram.

John and I waiting for the
Disney Hollywood Stuidios Tram

 At all of the parks, parking lot sections are themed to go along with the park that they represent. At the Magic Kingdom, the sections have names like Minnie and Goofy, and Sleepy. At Epcot, the parking areas are called things like Discover, Create, Journey, Amaze, Explore, and Imagine. Parking at the Animal Kingdom, you will leave your car in Peacock, Butterfly, Dinosaur, Giraffe or Unicorn. My favorite names are over in the Disney Hollywood Studios parking lots, they are Film, Stage, Television and Music. It’s not the names that make me smile, it’s the pictures that go along with the names. On the Film sign is a Picture of Goofy with a film camera, Stage has Mickey, and Television and Music have Minnie and Donald on them. I find them kind of neat.

In all of the theme park parking lots, they have a tram that will take you to the front of the lot. After you park, you walk to the main aisle of the parking lot and the tram picks you up at the end of your row, or very close to the end of your row. And then delivers you to the front of the lot. Each of the areas near the front of the parks where the trams leave you off is different, but the trams themselves are basically the same.

The trams don’t leave you off at the very front of any of the parks, but they leave you close enough that you can walk right into the entrance and into the park for your Magical Experiences. Sometimes, you can have Magical Experiences because of the Tram itself. One very late night leaving the Disney Hollywood Studios we experienced one of my favorite Magical Experiences. As the Tram takes you out to your car, from the park entrance, you go up one side of the road and then down the other. As we turned and started down the second side of the road, my son stuck his arms in the air and yelled “Wee.” We lost it. Every now and then he does it when we’re all tired and he knows we need a laugh.

Another thing that can cause Magical Experiences, when you use the Tram, is the walk into the parks.  Or in the cases of the Magic Kingdom, the walk to the Ticket or Transportation Center. As you walk to the ticket and Transportation center, you pass under the road, and walk past flags and other assorted things that you wouldn’t get a chance to see, things like signs, archways and Topiaries. These are neat Magical Experiences that can only be had if you take the time to look around and see what Disney is presenting to you. At the Ticket and Transportation center you can also get a great picture of the Magic Kingdom that you won’t get from anywhere eels.

The Tram car drivers and Cast members are great also, and try to create Magical Experiences for you too. Late at night when you are coming back from the parks, or even first thing in the morning, they are fun to listen to because they make little jokes that are funny, but you might miss them. They also can give you some great information. A few summers back we were on a Tram going to the Animal Kingdom and the tram operator asked us why it was a special day in Disney. I’ll give you a hint: it was July 17th, 2005. So, it was actually the 50th anniversary of Disneyland opening. Many people on the Tram didn’t know this, and I had forgotten what the date was until she said, “On July 17th, 1955…” then I realized where she was going with her question.

So, now you now, there is Unknown Magic to be had, by riding the Tram to the entrance of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Not just because you get to see things you may miss otherwise, but also because you can learn things and also be entertained.