A beautiful Autumn Saturday Morning made even more wonderful by the fact that it is a three day weekend. Three day weekends, this time of year especially, always get me thinking or travelling. And of course since my mind always thinks about going to Walt Disney World, I am dying to jump on a plane, and go to Disney. But, alas, it is not to be. Money is not on my side right now and we are too far to drive, but it would be a nice trip. I have made a trip or two Walt Disney World for short trips, or long weekends if you will; there are some secrets to doing a trip like this and this kind of trip can be very exciting and fun. So today I present to you, the Unknown Magic of the Quick Trip to Disney.

The first thing that you need to know about taking a trip like this is that if it is your first Disney trip, you shouldn’t take it. I am never one to tell someone not to go to Walt Disney World, but if you are taking the family for the first time, I don’t think you should go for less than 5 days, 7 or 9 are better, but less than 5 is too stressful for a first visit. (You will want to do too much and end up exhausted, disappointed and maybe even angry with each other, it really isn’t worth it.)

Another thing to keep in mind is the weekend when you are going. Throughout the year there are special activities that go on in Walt Disney World. Things like the Wine and food festival, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival are some examples. For a list of special activities that happen in Walt Disney world, check out my article called “Make it Even More Special”.  To find out about when these activities are happening, you can check out the Disney Website and then see if you will be able to attend one of these events and enjoy a Magical Experience. Many years ago I took a quick trip and enjoyed Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and highly recommend it. We also took a family trip one long weekend a few years ago and enjoyed Star Wars Weekend. A very neat activity, even if you aren’t particularly into Star Wars.

A third thought for taking a Quick Trip to Disney is watching the weather. The trip I took years ago in December was a great trip with wonderful weather in Florida, but the problem was, we had a freak December Snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic region. It was a freak storm, because it dumped 9 inches of snow in 24 hours and closed the airports. My problem was I only had taken the one extra day off from work and we had to get back. When my family went for the Star Wars Weekend, we also had weather worries as our flight was delayed 3 ½ hours because of storms up and down the east coast. We didn’t get into Disney that first night until after Midnight. It made for three tired people on our first day there. So, remember different times of the year may offer Magical Weekend Experiences, but you have to take the weather into account.

Another tip for a Long Weekend in Walt Disney World is to make sure you stay somewhere that is close to what you want to do. If you are going down for a special weekend, you should think about staying at a Resort that is close to where the activity is happening. For example if you are going for Star Wars Weekend, which takes place in Disney Hollywood studios, you might want to stay in any of the Epcot Resorts, the Caribbean Beach Resort or the Pop Century resort. For any of the Magical Experiences that are offered in Epcot you would want to stay in these resorts also. If you are going for the activities in the Magic Kingdom, any of the Magic Kingdom Resorts are recommended as is the Wilderness Lodge. The reason for this is travel time between the resort and the park. On a three day weekend, you don’t have any extra time to spare, so you will want to get where you are going as fast as you can.

A final thought on a Short Disney Vacation that may come at an off time during the year; if you have a job where you have to take a personal day or a sick day to get away for this quick trip to the Magic, make sure you don’t get too sunburned or talk about it too loudly when you go back to work. The last thing anyone needs to ruin their After-Disney is to get called into the boss’ office and asked about a sick day that you can’t get a doctor’s note for.

So, now you know, there are some great times to take a Quick Trip to Disney World, but there are also some things you need to keep in mind so that your weekend is filled with Magical Experiences.

For the dates of Disney’s Special Activities in Walt Disney World Check out this Site: