We decorated around the house today for Halloween. I like decorating the house, it reminds me of when we were kids and when my mom used to decorate for all the Holidays.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like Walt Disney World so much, they decorate everything to go along with the themes that they have set up. Either in the Parks, at recreation areas or in the Resorts, everything that is seen by the guests are decorated to go with the theme. So, today I present Pictures of the great themes and Unknown Magic of the Disney Decorations.

Picture by Bill Iadonisi from WDWFacts.com

Disney Decorates the parks for Halloween and Christmas. And when they do, they go all out!
They also decorate around the resorts to continue the Magical Experiences.

They build huge Ginger Bread
houses inside the Resorts .

And also have scenes that are made
completely of edible materials.


But they just don’t decorate for Holidays. They also decorate for Special Events, like the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival…

and Star Wars Weeknds:

But, even if it isn’t a special occasion, Disney makes sure the decorations in all of the guest areas are themed the way they should be.

For example, the Lobby of the Widerness Lodge
takes you to the wide open Spaces
of the Western United States.

While the Boardwalk puts you at a Seaside
Resort in the early 1900’s.

Even other guest areas like the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course is so well themed that you may forget you are in Florida (if you are there when it is not 100 degrees) and this can lead to a Magical Experience.

So, now you know, Disney doesn’t just decorate for the Holidays, they make the Decor all over the Walt Disney World Resort special so that you can have Magical Experiences