In yesterday’s post I mentioned a place that isn’t quite an Unknown Magic for a lot of people that have been to Walt Disney World before, but for first time visitors, there is a place you need to visit that will create Magical Experiences for your family. This great place is located on the Grand Canyon Concourse also known as the fourth floor of the Contemporary Resort Hotel. It is a fun and exciting restaurant, that although an Unknown Magic for first time visitors, will become someplace that you may want to go back to again and again. This Unknown Magic is called Chef Mickey’s.

Chef Mickey’s is probably the most well-known Character Dining Experience that does not include a Princess. This Magical Experience features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto (in the past Chip and Dale were there also). Chef Mickey’s is a buffet that is open for Breakfast and Dinner. Breakfast is served from 7:30-11:00 am and dinner is served from 5 to 9:30 pm. They do accept the Disney Dining Plan and reservations are recommended for both dinner and breakfast. Recently, they started a trial run of opening Chef Mickey’s for Lunch.

The food for breakfast is about the same that you will get at many of the Disney Restaurants, with fresh fruit, pancakes, waffles, eggs, pastries, and breakfast meats. They also have assorted cereals, potatoes, and Minnie’s breakfast pizza. For dinner they offer a carving station, pasta bar, and a kid’s area that offers pizza, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. They also offer a salad bar, and vegetables that are highlighted by the parmesan mashed potatoes, which according to my wife are awesome. They also have an unbelievable sundae and dessert bar, which in itself can be considered a Magical Experience in my mind.

At Chef Mickey’s like the Cape May Café (see yesterday Article Goofy in a Swim Suit?) the characters come around to the tables and visit and sign autographs and you can take pictures. The thing about Chef Mickey’s though is that it is more of a party atmosphere. You are greeted as you walk in by one of the characters (right now it is Mickey) and the other characters are roaming around. The dining room is large, colorful, and exciting. Every so often, they play music and have everyone sing and dance, and twirl their napkins as the characters lead the kids in the celebration. For younger kids, this is a Magical Experience that can make their whole vacation and for their parents it is a pretty Magical Experience also.

We have been to Chef Mickey’s for both Breakfast and dinner, and of the two, I enjoyed dinner more than breakfast, just because I don’t like that much excitement during my breakfast. I don’t mind it during dinner, but for breakfast, I like things a little calmer. Both meals that we had were wonderful and the character interactions were fabulous. We actually haven’t been to Chef Mickey’s in a few years, but when we got home after our last trip, my wife and 15 year old son both commented that they would like to do Chef Mickey’s on our next trip to Walt Disney World. It is that kind of place; one that you want to go to over and over again.

So, now you know, Chef Mickey’s is a fun, exciting buffet that creates Magical Experiences for everyone in the family. So if you haven’t been before, look into making a reservation and enjoy a fun time at Chef Mickey’s.