Staying in Walt Disney World is Awesome. The Resorts are all themed and worth exploring and all the rooms are very nice. I’ve talked in the past about the Disney Resort TV Channels (http://tinyurl.com/23zhtlr) but these aren’t the only Unknown Magics that can be experienced without ever leaving your room. Today’s Unknown Magic may seem like it is actually is more for the younger visitors, but it can also add a Magical Experience to anyone’s stay. Today’s Unknown Magic is waking up and going to sleep in Walt Disney World.

Before you go to bed at night, always make sure you leave a wake-up call for the next day. Even if you’re like my family and don’t get up to run for the parks, leave a wake-up call. When the call comes, just don’t pick up and hang up the phone. If you do you will miss something very Magical, because you get a very Disney wake-up. I will not tell you about the morning phone calls we have received during our different visits, but trust me it is a very magical way to wake-up. My son still seems to like getting the wake-up call even though he is definitely not a morning person. And honestly, I make sure I answer the phone at least once or twice while we are in Disney, just so I can enjoy the Magic too.

The mornings aren’t the only part of being in the room that can be magical. For the little ones especially, going to sleep in Walt Disney World can be a Magical Experience also. That’s because, every night from 7pm until 10pm, Channel 14 on the Disney Resort Television, changes from Radio Disney to Disney Bedtime Stories. The stories are audio readings, not cartoons, so you can turn the lights down, and have your little ones get quiet and listen to a story before going to sleep. The stories are Disney Classics, such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. They do change and they are on a rotation, so during your stay you can hear a few different stories.
So, now you know, going to bed and waking up in Walt Disney World, can be a Magical Experience. Just remember to leave a wake-up call  and then have the little ones read to while they drift off to sleep. Then in the morning, get the phone and enjoy being awakened with some more Disney Magic.

* This Post is a re-write of one that I did when I first started the website. As I looked back over it, it needed some work. So here is the re-worked article originally titled “Good Morning, Good Night.”