As I sit here day dreaming of Disney World, I started thinking about our trip a few years ago, when I met Andy, my friend who works at the Boardwalk Resort. I might be thinking about him, because I was talking to him through e-mail this past week. He’s a Michigan Fan and I’m a Penn State Fan. They played last Saturday night and Penn State won (sorry Andy). I started thinking about how we met. He works as the on-line check-in cast member at the Boardwalk, and we used that service for the first time that trip. He was the first person to help us when we arrived that year, which in itself didn’t really mean anything to me, but when we switched rooms a few days into the trip, Andy told me to use the online check-in again, and he’d be the one to help us. He was very helpful and we actually went to him a few more times during our trip with other questions. So, this is how our friendship started. But making a Disney Friendship isn’t the Unknown Magic I want to tell you about today. No, today’s Unknown Magic is not about how we met Andy; it is the Unknown Magic of the On-line Check-in.

I remember years ago being in Walt Disney World on Wednesday evening, early in November and seeing the lobby full of people as they waited to check–in. But now, the days of waiting in line to check into a Disney Resort are a thing of the past. Over the last few years, Disney has gone to an on-line check-in system to make it easier and faster to check-in. I’ve used it twice now and both times, it was a very easy pleasant experience.

The first time I described above, with my friend Andy. The second time I used it was this past summer. We actually were checking into two rooms, one for us and one for friends. I took care of checking us in, before we left from New Jersey the day before we arrived. It was quick and easy and made it so there was one less thing to worry about on our trip. Once again it was easy and enjoyable and the Cast member that helped us only had to give us our Room keys, and information packet. The on-line check-in system is well worth it. Considering it is Free, I don’t see why you wouldn’t take advantage of it.

This is how it works; if you are staying on Disney Property, before you leave for Walt Disney World, you go online to http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ . Log into your account and then follow the directions to check in. They will ask you for a credit card, your reservation number, and a few other things. They will also ask you if you are celebrating anything special, while on your trip. This is when you can arrange for Disney to help you celebrate any Magical Experiences you will be having. You can check–in like this for up to ten days before you go to Disney.

The benefit of the early check-in is time. The one thing that you never seem to have enough of when you are in Walt Disney World is time. This helps you save a few minutes anyway. The way you save time, is when you first get to the Resort Lobby, you will look for the On-line Check-in window. This is usually off to the side of the other check-in/check-out windows. Once you go there, you just need to provide your name and the credit card that you used to secure the on-line check-in and they do the rest. They will give you a check-in packet and your room keys. If your room is ready, you can get right in, if not, they give you a little card with a phone number to check on your room status.

So, now you know, a great Unknown Magic that you can use up to ten days before you get to Walt Disney World that makes your arrival that much nicer is the on-line check-in. Before you leave home, get on-line and check-in, then you can have Magical Experiences even quicker .

Images from the Disney Check-in system are from the Disney Website.