I’ve been asked before, “Where is the best place to watch Wishes (the Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom)?” Or “Where would you sit if you could sit anywhere for a parade on Main Street USA?” I’ve answered before where my favorite places to sit for the Fireworks in Oooooh, Ahhhhhh (part 1) The parades are a little different you can find plenty of great spots all along the parade route. These are great questions and yes I guess it does kind of matter where you see these Magical Experiences from, but people only seem to worry about these views in the Magic Kingdom. There are other views in the Magic Kingdom that I find are Unknown Magics that people either don’t recognize or don’t take the time to see. So, today I bring to you the Unknown Magic of the things to see in the Magic Kingdom.

Of course the most fantastic view in the Magic Kingdom is of Cinderella Castle. But most people think of the same view or take a picture from the same place; coming up Main Street USA with the Walt Disney World Train Main Street Station behind them. But from the side of the Castle, where the water is between you and the castle, there are also great places to view the Castle. All the way across the Seven Seas Lagoon at the Polynesian Resort, the view of the Castle is amazing, but from the Grand Floridian the Castle is also visible.

But Cinderella Castle isn’t the only great thing to see in the Magic Kingdom. The Mountains of the Magic Kingdom are pretty amazing also. Starting in Tomorrowland, you have the oldest of the Magic Kingdom’s Mountains, Space Mountain. Space Mountain is a magnificent white growth bursting into the sky. Or, over in Frontierland, you have Splash Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. These are particularly magnificent at night, but still impressive during the day.

Throughout the Magic Kingdom, there are other great things to see that aren’t large and looming above, but just wonderful Unknown Magics that you can see if you take the time to look for them. Some of my favorite things to see are the second floors of the different buildings. For example in Adventureland, the second floor of the buildings above the shops are really great to see. Next time you are in Adventureland, look up at some of these balconies. The buildings actually look like people could be living in them, because of the plants and decorations on them.

Another great thing to see is in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It is made great because of the details that the Disney Imagineers put into the scene. The scene is the one where the one drunken pirate is in a mud hole with a group of pigs. The mud on the pirate along with the hair on his legs and arms as well as the other little details make this part of the attraction a Magical Experience.

But one of my all time favorite sights while in the Magic Kingdom is seeing the Liberty Belle, the paddlewheel steamship that is found on the Rivers of America, as it comes past the Haunted Mansion. It is just an amazing thing to see that is a Magical Experience that many people just don’t take the time to enjoy.

So, now you know, there are many great Unknown Magics that are waiting for you all over the Magic Kingdom. They are the wonderful things, besides Cinderella Castle, that you can see that create Magical Experiences. Some are big and bold, others are things you need to take the time to look for and can only enjoy if you take the time to see them. So, next time you are in the Magic Kingdom, slow down and see what you can see.