As a school teacher the worst time of the year for me is any time we go back to school after a vacation break or a long weekend. It’s not because of the kids, they are usually ok coming back, a little talkative, but that’s fine. No, my problem after coming back after a break is because I can’t have music playing while I teach. All summer long we have a radio or the computer on playing music. During the weekends, it is the same thing. I enjoy having music playing around me. Way back in an article I wrote called “Stop and Listen” I wrote about the wonderful Music in Walt Disney World and how it added to your Magical Experience when you are there. But music isn’t the only Magical sounds that you can hear in the Disney World. And these sounds can help you to have Magical Experiences or are Magical Experiences of their own. Today, I present to you the Unknown Magic of The Sounds of Walt Disney World.

Some of the best Sounds in Walt Disney World come from Attractions. One of my favorites is in Pirates of the Caribbean. After the pirates have taken over the city, they are selling off the women. The Pirates aren’t interested in the one being sold, instead they start chanting for another that is more to their liking. So they start chanting, “We Wants the Redhead!” If you are riding through the attraction for the first time or maybe even if you have ridden before, you may miss what they are saying, or just don’t realize it. Another place in Pirates that I think has a great line is when the Mayor of the town is being dunked into the well, and his wife yells at him, “Carlos, Don’t be a chicken!” At this point in the day he doesn’t have a choice, so it’s kind of funny. Another funny moment in an attraction is when Kermit says that they will not be “stooping to any cheap 3-D effects” for laughs. And then right after that Fozzy does some cheap 3-D effects.

Of course the best sounds, in an attraction, come from The Haunted Mansion. The crow calling after the thunder and lightning while you are in the stretching room and the ghost host telling you not to pull down on the lap bar that he will do it for you, are two of the most memorable sounds in all of Walt Disney World. Also the sounds throughout the ride make for a Magical Experience.

One of the best sounds in the Animal Kingdom is not actually a sound at all, but the absence of sound. It takes place during the Flights of Wonder show in Asia. When “Guano” Joe has the owl fly from the front of the stage to the back of the audience and then return, there is no noise when the owl flies; this is an Unknown Magic that is an amazing thing to experience.

Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Rail Road, Splash Mountain and Test Track are all great places to hear awesome sounds in the different parks. The sounds are the screams of delight coming from these thrill rides. Screams of Delight are a Magical Sound that you hear at different places, but when you are walking through a Disney Park, it is even more Magical.

Another Awesome Sound in the Walt Disney World Resort is, “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas.” This sound mixed with the “bing bong” and whooosh of the doors is the sound that makes many people feel as though they are “in” Disney. For those of you that have not been to Walt Disney World, these sounds are from the Walt Disney World Resort Monorail. The sound of the Monorail is one that once you have this Magical Experience, you don’t forget. Another great place to hear an awesome Monorail sound is in Epcot, where the Monorail loops into the park, before it gets to the Epcot Monorail Station. If you stand underneath the track as the Monorail is coming and close your eyes and listen, it is a very unique sound that is Magical.

But the Greatest of sounds in the Walt Disney World Resort is the laughter of your loved ones. It can happen when you are on an attraction, in the parks or even in the Resort hotel hallway.

So, now you know, there are sounds in Walt Disney World that help to enhance your visit to the most Magical Place on Earth. The Sounds in the Attractions, at the Shows and even on the streets of the parks, are Magical in themselves. And of course, the greatest sound of all is the laughter of your loved ones.