My boss is in Disney world for the next week. I’m a little jealous, okay, a lot jealous. I know, I was there over the summer, but I wish I was there now, also. I’ve heard it called a sickness, I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t have drank the Kool-Aid, that “The Cult” was passing out that day when I was in Disney years ago. But what can I say? I like Disney. I like almost all things Disney actually. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been to Disneyland, I am looking forward to the trip out west in a few years, Chad and Mark over at daysinthepark.com have made me want to visit The Park out there, more than I ever have. I like Disney Movies and I enjoy Disney History and I Love Walt Disney World. Of course you know this; you are reading my website about Walt Disney World. I enjoy sharing what I know and things I’ve done and the places I’ve been in Walt Disney World. I like looking over my pictures and videos and coming up with topics to write about. I love the response that I have gotten over the last five and a half months about the articles I have written. And I have a feeling that some of you may read the website for the same reason that I read other Disney Websites. This Reason is really an Unknown Magic in itself. Today I present to you, the Unknown Magic of Getting your Disney Fix.

Some people get their Disney Fix by reading Disney Blogs and Websites. There are so many Wonderful ones out there, that I could fill many many web pages with a list of Website names. The list to the right of this article is a great start if you want to read some great things about Disney World. Some people get their fix by listening to Disney Music on the internet at different stations at Live365 Radio (also listed to the right of this article). I get my fix from both of these ways.

Other people get their Disney Fix from living vicariously through others. Like when my boss gets back, I will ask to see any pictures she has and I’ll make sure she tells me all about her trip. I’ll also make sure that I keep my (Mouse) ears out this week for anyone else talking about their trips to Disney. You know how that goes, one person will say the boss is in Disney and someone else will talk about their trip down last year or in the past few months. I’ll make sure I get to hear about their trip also. This will not only let me hear about their trip, but will let me share some of my trips with them. And this helps me to get my fix of Magical Memories.

From Disney.go.com

 Another way to get your Disney Fix is to visit the Official Disney Website; at http://disney.go.com/ .There are some really fun things there that can help you to get your Disney Fix and can help you to learn some things about Disney and Disney products that you may not know. You can play games there, watch videos, and even plan your next Disney Vacation.

I think one of the best ways to live vicariously through others, getting your Disney Fix and having Magical Experiences, is through Social Media and Networking Sites. Places like Facebook and Twitter (which we are on) are wonderful places to see pictures and hear stories about Disney World. They are also great places to find out the newest Disney information and rumors.

So, until my boss gets back and I get to hear about her trip, I’ll keep getting my Disney Fix using the methods listed above. And now that you know, you can get your Disney Fix the same way. So go ahead click on one of the Disney Radio Channels and then check out the websites listed, to get your Fix.