Last week, I wrote about Disney’s Christmas Decorations in the Resorts.  They are amazing. But in Walt Disney World, they not only decorate in the Resorts, but they also decorate in the Parks. And as with the Resorts, the Parks are sometimes not seen by many people, because they don’t get to travel to Disney World during the Holidays. So for those of you that don’t get to see the parks during the Holidays, I present the Unknown Magic of Christmas Decorations in the Disney World Parks.

Every park has a Christmas tree and every park has special decorations around the park. Most of the trees are found in the front of the parks; sometimes, inside, sometimes outside. The Tree at Disney Hollywood Studios for example is outside of the park. As you walk toward the front gate, the tree is off to the side of the entrance. And as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard, the street is decorated with garland and other decorations. At the Animal Kingdom, the Park is decked out in Christmas, and the tree is right in front of the park, and the decorations are wild animals and African masks and things that relate to the park.

Of course Christmas in the Magic Kingdom is as special as everything else in the Magic Kingdom. Main Street USA is decorated with special Christmas ornaments and music. The tree in the Magic Kingdom can be found in the Town Square Center. What a Magical Experience as you enter the park and see a huge Christmas Tree with Cinderella Castle in the Background. I don’t think there is anything more Magical or exciting; except maybe seeing Santa in the Magic Kingdom, which you can also do.

My Favorite is the Christmas in Epcot. Each of the countries has their pavilions decorated for Christmas and each has special performances and appearances by the gift giver that visits that Country. For Example at the United Kingdom Pavilion, Father Christmas makes appearances, while La Befana can be seen in Italy. This is a very neat Magical Experience, especially for kids, because they can learn about the customs of other countries. At the American Pavilion, they tell the history of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. The Epcot tree is at the entrance to the World Showcase.

Even Downtown Disney is decorated for the Holidays also, with what I think is the best tree on the whole property. Outside Once upon a Toy Store, the tree is fabulously decorated with toys and games and all sorts of Magical Things. This tree isn’t the only thing that is decorated for Christmas, but I think it is one of the neatest. Also in Downtown Disney, they have the Disney Days of the Christmas store, which is open all year around. They even have a tree in the DisneyQuest Building.

So, now you know, Christmas isn’t just celebrated in the Resorts, the Parks also offer Magical Experiences during the Holidays. There is so much Christmas Cheer for you, you may miss some of it, if you don’t take the time to look and listen for the Spirit of the Season.

**Make sure you come back next Monday to read Part III, the Special events at Christmastime in Walt Disney World.