In my article Oh, How Silly I wrote this past week about how we make our kids look silly in different pictures, when we are in the Walt Disney World Resort. My son is a good sport and gave his permission for me to use the pictures I did, which was nice of him (not that I wouldn’t have used them anyway), but we did have a conversations about him not being the only one that looks silly at times when we are in Disney. So, fair being fair, I decided that I should share some moments when my wife and I have gotten a little Goofy and it was caught by a camera. So, here is to the Unknown Magic of letting it all go and looking Goofy in Disney.
This first two pictures I used in the other article about making my son look silly.

This next picture is a way to make anyone look Goofy. All you have to do is take them on a wet ride and then take them to watch to It’s Tough to be a Bug and have them put on the 3-D glasses.

Yes, a person’s face in a cut out does look goofy, no matter what the gut out is.

And anytime you have baby dolls stuck to an apron you are wearing it is kind of goofy.

When it comes to being in a picture with characters I have a little too much fun, check out my son’s face he isn’t as excited as I am.

This picture probably wouldn’t be silly except for the Tiki God’s butt off of my left shoulder.
I hope you have enjoyed my goofiness, but of course I can’t write about being Silly in Disney without at least one picture of my son.