I was watching the Bowl Games yesterday. There were seven this year that were or will be played in Florida. Orlando itself has two of them. This year it wasn’t bad for a bowl game in Florida. The temperature was in the 70’s and the sun was shining, last year it was in the 50’s and rainy. It’s funny you talk to people that travel for these games or to Walt Disney World this time of year and they forget that it is winter. They expect it to be warm and sunny and that they will be able to wear their shorts and tank tops and get some sun. This isn’t always the case. So, today I bring to you the Unknown Magic of Winter in Disney World.

Packing for a trip to Disney this time of year should be done after watching the weather channel’s ten day forecast for the Disney Area. And even then you should pack an extra few things, a pair of shorts or two, a heavy sweatshirt, and a maybe even a fall type jacket. It does get cold in Walt Disney World. They don’t have a dome over the Resort, there isn’t any Magical way that they use to keep it warm and sunny all year around, but even if it is a little chilly, you can still do some of the warm weather things you want to do when you are on vacation, even in the winter. For example, if you are in Walt Disney World in December, January, February, or even the beginning of March, it may be a little cold. Last week in Walt Disney World, temperatures dropped into the high 20’s one night. Two days this past week, they closed Blizzard Beach, because of the weather. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy swimming. The Disney pools are heated. And if you really want to be invigorated, going in a hot tub (which are found near all the pools) on a cold night is wild.

 This isn’t to say that if you are traveling to Walt Disney World in winter you should need a parka,   you just have to be prepared for weather changes. Today for example they are calling for 80 degrees in Disney. Winter is probably the most difficult time to pack for a trip to Disney World, because of these temperature fluctuations. I remember one year I was in Disney at Christmas time and we walked around in shorts one night and the next night we had to buy heavy sweatshirts to keep warm. It didn’t slow us down though, all the parks are open (except the Water Parks) in colder weather and the attractions that you want to stop into during the summer months to cool off in the air conditioning are the same ones you want to stop into during the winter, but now you do it to warm up.

So, now you know, my advice for anyone going to Disney in the Winter would be to check the 10 day forecast for Disney World before you pack. And, even then be prepared for a cold night or a really hot day when you are there. The Winter Weather in Walt Disney World is as random as the drop sequence on Tower of Terror. So, go and enjoy the Magical Experiences and the fact that there are fewer crowds during those cold days in the middle of the winter, but be prepared for the weather.