Today’s Unknown Magic came about because I was looking over the list of things I wanted to write about in the past week. One of them was going to be a countdown for New Year’s Eve. I just wrote it down as MUST DO. I didn’t write that article last week, I’ll get to it eventually. But as I was looking at that list, I thought about an Unknown Magic that people who have been to Disney World have seen, might not have cared about or just found it annoying, but for first time visitors and people like me who love to see the parks and the attractions, this can create a true Magical Experience. What I am talking about is a program that can be seen on Disney Resort Television channel 18. It is called Must Do Disney.

Must Do Disney used to be called the 7 Must Sees in Walt Disney World. It has a young woman as a hostess and she goes around with a camera to show different attractions and other things you might want to see throughout Walt Disney World. The show is broken up into segments each one covering a park, Downtown Disney and other things you can do in Disney, Water Parks, golfing and such. Between each segment, they talk about the Park Hopper Tickets, PhotoPass and FastPass and things that a Disney guest would need to know to make their visit a little more enjoyable. This program is really geared to the first time visitor, because most of the “Must Do’s” are things that everyone wants to do, but there is some neat information presented throughout the show.

Of course they cover the attractions that you Must Do, In the Magic Kingdom they talk Splash Mountain and It’s a Small World, In Animal Kingdom they show, Expedition Everest. When they show Epcot, they discuss, Mission Space, Test Track and Soarin’. They also show scenes from The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The part in the show about the Disney Hollywood Studios is about adventure. Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster and the American Idol Experience.

The Extras that they go over in the show are the rides at the Water Parks like Summit Plummet, and Places to see and eat in Downtown Disney. They even show Cirque du Soleil which is in Downtown Disney. They also briefly show Golfing, Disney Quest and the Wide World of Sports Complex.

As I stated above, this show is more for the Disney Novice, but if you haven’t been to Walt Disney World in a year or two, seeing some of the changes they have made to the different parks and maybe some new additions is something that everyone can benefit from by watching this show, especially now when there is so much refurbishment and construction going on. And if you have been to Disney in the recent past, you could be like me and just put the channel on to enjoy the views of the parks and the attractions.

So, now you know, there is an Unknown Magic on Disney Resort Television Channel 18 in your room. It’s the Must Do show that runs throughout the day and night. This show gives you views and information about the different attractions and places that you “Must Do” while you are in Walt Disney World. It also gives you information on tickets and PhotoPass and Fast Pass and explains what these things are. So the next time you’re in Disney World, put on the TV, Channel 18 will help you realize what there is to Do.

**All Pictures today were taken off the Must Do progarm on Disney Resort TV channel 18 in August of 2009.