>I have to admit, I never watched the Mickey Mouse Club. I know, as a Disneyholic, you would think I would have. But I think the reason I didn’t is that I am a child of the 70’s. According to Wikipedia, in the 1970’s the show only ran from 1977-1979 on about 130 stations. I don’t remember it playing in my area. The big times of the Mickey Mouse Club were in the 1950’s and again in the 1990’s. This is when we remember the performer’s names (from the 50’s because of the role call and the 90’s because of the talents that they became, or tried to become). But I had a feeling of what the Mickey Mouse Club shows were like, so I looked back to make sure my thoughts were correct. Looking at a great website about the show called, The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show, and information from some wikis, I found I was right in the fact that the original show, which was aired 5 days a week, had a theme for each day.

The reason I am telling you all this is because The Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World is going to be changing over the next week or so. We have already starting going into the direction of themed days, with our Foto Friday and Saturday Matinee, so we have decided to extend our themes. Starting next week, Sundays will now be called Second Chance Sunday. On Second Chance Sunday, you will be able to read one of our Articles that you may have missed from the distant past. Tomorrow we will start our Magical Attraction Monday, where we focus on one attraction and the Unknown Magic involved in it. We’ll Follow on
Tuesdays with Teenage Trip Tips. My 15 year old son will be collaborating with me by giving me a list of what he likes to do in Walt Disney World. Wednesdays will be our day to share with you great places and ways to recreate and relax on your Disney Vacation that you may not know about. It will be called Hakuna Mawednesday. Thursdays will be known as Thirsty Thursdays. On Thursdays we will talk about different places to get a refreshment, maybe an adult beverage and enjoy some places that are Unknown Magics to many people.

We will continue to share many of the things people miss and be persistent with our philosophy, that to enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort you cannot be a Disney Commando. Because of this new format, we may repeat some of the information we have already shared with you, we will try not to, but I am sure it may happen. Please forgive us if we repeat ourselves, we will do our best to present new information daily. Please come check out the new themed days,

we are hoping to help you to enjoy as many Magical Experiences as possible in Walt Disney World and hope you continue to enjoy the Unknown Magics that we have to share.