I have confessed in the recent weeks to being a Disneyholic. It is not a problem for me, because my loved ones accept me for who I am and everyone knows that I have this addiction. Keeping in line with confessions; Today I confess to you that I like beer. I enjoy a good beer that compliments my food or to enhance a snack. I don’t drink a lot, but when I do, it is beer or nothing and it
is good beer, or nothing. I am proud to say I am a Beer Snob. I like Microbrews; I like Porters, lagers and Ales. I don’t drink Bud, or Coors light, or Miller High Life. I can’t do it. I do like Red Stripe, Guinness, Bass, Sierra Nevada, and Big River’s Rocket Red Ale. With this is in mind, as I write my Thirsty Thursday Articles for you, I will try to keep my opinions of those inferior products that people call beer to myself and just tell about the places you can get liquid refreshments in the Walt Disney World Resort. As a reader what you will have to keep in mind is that any establishment that serves adult beverages in Walt Disney World is family friendly. This means that I will be writing about great places to relax and have a glass of something, where you can enjoy with the whole family. Now that you know what Thirsty Thursdays are all about, why don’t we get started with one of my Favorite places in Epcot, The Rose and Crown Pub.

The Rose and Crown Pub is styled after four different kinds of English Pubs. The four kinds are a Street pub, a Dickensian pub, a Waterfront (or River) pub and a provincial (country) pub. When you enter this wonderful place, you may think it is crowded and a little loud, but you will notice that no one is upset and no one seems to be in a rush, except maybe the bartenders. The reason it seems busy is because there are few seats and the bar itself isn’t really that big.

Even though the bar is not that big, it is a full service bar. The selections on tap are in the true fashion of an English pub. You have your choices of Bass Ale, Boddingtons English Pub Ale (one of my favorites there) Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, Stella Artois, Strongbow Cider and Woodpecker Sweet English

Cider. They also have what they call Pub Blends, where they mix two of them, for example a black and tan, with Bass and Guinness or a half and half, with Harp and Guinness. They do offer Scotch and Scotch Whiskey as well as specialty mixed drinks and their wine list is a decent size.

The “Pub Grub” as they call it, is English Pub food all the way. You have your choice of Fish and Chips, a Cheese and Fruit Plate, a Corned Beef Sandwich, an English Bulldog, which is a “Split Banger with Mashed Potatoes, Chopped Bacon, Irish Cheddar and a Spiced Mustard Sauce” or the Scotch Egg. Which is a fried hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage and covered with the mustard sauce. We usually split a few orders of the fish and chips between the three of us (my wife, son, and I) and it is one of my favorite late lunches in Disney World.

The food and drink are not the only things that make this pub great, no there is a lady that makes the pub great too. Her name is Pam Brody. I wrote about Pam Brody a while back in my post “The Most Vivacious Lady in Epcot”, she is the piano player in the pub and she gets you singing and laughing and just adds to your good time.

The motto of the Rose and Crown that can be seen on the entrance sign is “Otium cum Dignitate” which is Latin. It means, Leisure with Dignity. I love this motto. It sums up the Pub perfectly, because once you find a place to sit or somewhere to stand, you get enveloped with a feeling of friendship or camaraderie. We have been to the Rose and Crown quite a few times where we have ended up sitting next to someone we didn’t know and spent hours talking and laughing with them even though they were strangers when we first walked in. I’ve watched this with other people in this great Pub also. It can also happen outside the pub, when they have the tables and chairs set up so you can enjoy your beverages in the fresh air.

If you happen to find yourself having a Thirsty Thursday or are looking for relaxing place to have a drink any day of the week, try the Rose and Crown, it is a true unknown magic where you can get yourself a pint and some fish and chips, enjoy the entertaining Pam Brody and have yourself some laughs.