If you have never been to Walt Disney World, or any other Disney Resort Property, there is an Unknown Magic that takes place at the Disney properties that children are thrilled about and many hundreds of adults enjoy. This Unknown Magic comes with a warning though. If you do get caught up in it, it will cost you some money; Maybe a lot of money depending on how involved you get.

This Magic that is Unknown to non-Disney travelers is the hobby of Pin Trading/Collecting. Disney Pin Trading/Collecting started in October of 1999, as part of Disney’s Millennium Celebration. Thousands of Pins have been added to the collection every year since the inception of this activity. Pin subjects range from Attraction Pins, to Character Pins, to Resort Pins, to Special Day Pins. If you think of anything Disney that you like, there is probably a Pin for that! You can start your Pin Collection very easily. At every park, at every Resort and every themed Area in Walt Disney World, they sell Pins and/or Pin Sets. The Pin Sets come with a lanyard, a few Pins and a lanyard card. The assortment of starter sets is almost as assorted as the number of Pins. There is everything from Pooh and friends to the Princesses, to Theme Park Starter Sets. These Starter sets range from $24.00 to $50.00.
There are rules or guidelines for Pin Trading also. Anyone can trade Pins, with anyone that wants to trade with them. Disney Cast Members MUST trade with you, however there is a two pin trade limit per cast member/guest partnership/per day. That means If you buy a starter set you may walk up to any cast member and trade two Pins with them a day for as long as you are in Disney. There is a special rule for children also. Some cast members wear a Green and a Blue lanyard. The Green lanyard holds Pins that may only be traded to children. They may also trade for a pin on the blue lanyard if they wish, but adults cannot trade for a pin on a Green lanyard. You may also trade with other guests, however you do not have to if you don’t want to. When trading with a cast member, you should only trade those Pins they do not already have, and Please remember to be courteous. For other Pin Trading guidelines, check out
this website:


When you start your Pin collection, my advice is the same that I gave to my son, years ago when he was just starting out. Pick the ones you like, but buy ones you will want to trade away. He picked his favorite characters when he bought his first Pins, but then when he went to trade with someone, he would be upset that he had to trade his Stitch Pins away. After this happened a few times, we bought some non-Stitch Pins, but nice ones all the same, and then he traded for ones that he liked from cast members and other people. He was much happier when he knew that when he was buying the Pins he wasn’t buying ones he really liked and would miss, but Pins he wouldn’t mind parting with.

Another part of the Pin trading is your displaying them. Most people wear theirs on a lanyard. However, I’ve seen people where Pins on their hats, on their clothing and I’ve even seen people who are so into the whole Pin collecting thing, that they carry books of their Pins around in tote bags. I personally like the hat idea. My son would put a few on a baseball cap, and when he saw a Pin he’d like to trade for, He would trade, then each night, he’d “rotate the inventory” and start the next day with a few more he wouldn’t mind trading away.

As I said in the beginning of this post, this Unknown Magic can be costly, But at the same time, it is a fun way to chronicle your trip through Disney World. Pin trading is a way of life for some Disney World Fans, I use them to remember Magical Experiences we share as a family.

This Picture is of the Pin Collection we have. It is on a framed corkboard in our Living room.

So now you know, when you come to Disney, you can start the Kids on a Collection that can grow as they do, but you can also keep track of your Family’s Magical Experiences from your Disney World Trip, in a unique and fun way.

For more information on Disney Pin Collecting,click here.