Welcome to Tips from a Teenager Tuesday. My co-author on Tuesdays is my son John. For those of you that have a 15 year old, you will understand some of the answers, those of you that don’t; I will say these are his real answers.

The question I pose every week is this “Tell me something you like about Disney World that everyone needs to know about.” This is today’s conversation. Enjoy.

“Tell me something you like about Disney World that everyone needs to know about.”

“The Pools, the Different Pools.”

“Why should they know about them?”

“Because there are a great variety of different themes and they are enjoyable.”

“At every resort there are different pools?”

At this point he answered yes, no, yes and then told me I confused him, so I asked the question a different way.

“At each resort the pools are different?”

“Yes, wait, yes.”

“And they have different themes?”


“What do you mean?”
“They have small pools and the main pools, they have slides and more kids and there is a place to eat and they have a bar.”

Let me interject here about the Resort Pools in Walt Disney World. All the Resorts have a main pool that is themed to match the Resort. Then there is usually at least one other pool that is located at a different place around the resort and this is considered the “Quiet” pool. The quiet pools don’t have slides or lifeguards and mostly have less people at them. The Main pool has the slide, a snack bar/bar, a children’s play area and a toddler pool, a hot tub, and are guarded by more than one life guard. When I asked the question about the different pools, I was asking him if the pools in one resort were themed, they are not.

“So, they really don’t have different themes,”

“More so they have different atmospheres.”

Meaning the quiet pool is quiet and the main pool has a lot of activity

“Do all the resorts have the same kind of pools?”

“I would say. They all have a slide.”

“You said before they all have themes, which one is your favorite, theme?”

“The Sand pool at the Beach Club.”

The Pool at the Yacht Club Resort is shared with the Beach Club Resort. It is called Storm-along Bay and is a little water park of its own. There is a lazy river, with water jets that push you along, and the bottom of the pool is sand. This is one of the pools on the Disney property that you must be a guest at the resort to use.

“What are your favorite 3 pools in Walt Disney World?”

“1. Beach/Yacht Club 2. Boardwalk 3. Polynesian.”

“We haven’t yet stayed at the Polynesian yet, why do you like the pool?”

“There were a lot of people there, but it seemed relaxed, I guess because of the Resort.”

I thought he was going to say because it is cool looking. They actually have a Volcano that erupts every so often and a water fall that dumps water right into the pool from a rock over hang.

“What are the best 3 things about the pools in Walt Disney World?”

“1. Slides, the kids always love the slides, (his exact words) 2.Usually the snack place is good. 3. All the pools are within walking distance.”

“Do you have any suggestions for people using the Disney pools?”

“Don’t go in the middle of the day, that’s when everyone is there.”

“Anything else?”

“Be prepared to have some good family fun.” Once again his exact words

“Would you like to add anything else that people need to know about the Disney pools?”

“There’s other things to do besides swimming, there are active activities that you can do, like tennis courts, volleyball, sometimes basketball, and near some you can rent bikes. You can buy things at them also.”

What I think he was trying to say here is that besides just swimming there are other activities that you can participate in if you want to. Some of the Resorts have tennis courts, some have Basketball courts and others still may have a volleyball court. Some of the resorts also have bicycles you can rent. The reason I think he added this in, was because some of these activities are located near the pool at some of the resorts. The pool at Old Key West for example has basketball and tennis courts adjacent to the pool area. There are sand volleyball courts across from the pool at the Beach Club, so I think this is where he added this from. As for the bikes I’m sure he tied in the bike rentals with a pool somewhere. And as for buying things, I’m sure he was talking about swim gear and drinks and stuff that the snack/pool bars sell.

(As I said before the mind of a 15 year old.)

“Well, thank you John,”

“You’re Welcome.”