I don’t drink coffee. I used too, never really enjoyed it, so I stopped drinking it. I drink iced tea, mostly. As I was walking around my classroom yesterday, a young lady in one of my classes made a comment about my travel mug. It was a Disney Resort mug. Actually it was one of the refillable mugs that you used to be able to get at the Boardwalk Resort. They used to have different styles of mugs for each different resort. Now they use the same mug throughout Walt Disney World. I’m sure it is more cost efficient for them this way. The reason I am bringing all this up on this Thirsty Thursday is because today’s refreshment places are places where kids can get their refillable mugs filled and you can still enjoy an adult beverage.

These places are the Pool Bars. All the Disney Resorts main pools all have a Bar located around them. Some of them sell things like chips and pool supplies. Others serve food usually light lunch fare. Most of these bars have a very small area for patrons to actually sit at the bar, so it is cozy. Most of the bars also have a television at them. The nice thing about the pools bars, besides the smallness of them, is that even if you have children, you can have them go in the pool and you are close enough to keep an eye on them. They will know where you are and you can still have a grown-up conversation as they play and swim.

One of my favorite pool bars is the Mardi Grogs at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. It is a nice bar that you really don’t notice at first, because it is tucked in the corner of the pool area. We enjoyed an afternoon here a few years ago, while our son swam for a few hours. I also like the bars at the Boardwalk Pool and at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The Caribbean Beach’s pool Bar is called the Banana Cabana while the Bar at Luna Park, the pool at the Boardwalk is themed like a Carousel.

The drinks at the bars are mostly the same. If you have your refillable mugs, they are always able to be used at the pool bar, although they have stopped filling them directly, they now fill separate plastic cup and then have you pour it into your mug. The choices for the refills are coke products and usually lemonade. Since it is a bar, they do have some specialty drinks they make and they have the most popular types of alcohols, to make many different types of drinks. Their choice of beers usually isn’t very varied, but there is usually something for every kind of beer drinker.

Every cast member we have ever encountered at one of the pool bars has been pleasant, and friendly. They are also good with the kids when they need a refill. The Pool Bars are a fun place to have a drink whether as a couple or as a family. The kids seem to not only like the fact that they can get a refill, but that they can get their drink, take it to a lounge chair to enjoy it and then jump right back into the pool. And all the while, they can do this why you enjoy your beverage at the bar, while keeping an eye on them.

So, the next time you take a break from the parks and head for the pool remember to take a little cash, and the refillable mugs. That way, you can enjoy an adult beverage and the kids can enjoy their refreshments also.