Hakuna Mawednesday, to you all. Last week we stuck around the Magic Kingdom to Relax before Fireworks. Today, we’re leaving all the Parks behind and heading out to enjoy some family time away from it all. There are many different ways you can leave the parks behind, there are Water Parks, Shopping Areas, Water Sports, tennis, Basketball and of course, Golf.

Around Christmas Disney puts
Golf Balls on their Tees.

 The Walt Disney World Resort is home to 99 holes of PGA caliber golf over five courses. Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, named after the Magnolia Trees around the course, is home to the Children’s Miracle Network Classic along with Disney’s Palm Golf Course. Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course, which is located near Fort Wilderness Campground is one of Golf Digest’s Best in Florida. It is also Certified Wildlife Sanctuary. A little way down the road from this course, on the Grounds of the Saratoga Springs Resort is Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

The last course is Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, which is a 9-hole course that is geared toward a family golf outing. This 36 Par course is a walking course and is set on a very natural environment. My family doesn’t golf, so we haven’t played any of these courses and I can’t give you my opinion of which ones are better than others, but I have talked to other people whom have played them and they said they are all great courses. For more information about Walt Disney World Golf, you can check out my friend Marc’s website at http://www.wdwgolf.com/.

As I said my family is not the golfing type, however, we do enjoy a good round of Mini-golf, especially in Disney. We have played both of the Courses, actually three of the four courses that are available in Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course is located across from the Swan and the Dolphin Resorts. It is split into two different courses. The first one, the Fantasia Gardens course is set up in a whimsical way with characters from the Disney classic, Fantasia. It has obstacles throughout based on the film and some holes with special water and musical surprises. We have not played the other course here it is Fantasia Fairways, as it is just a small version of a real golf course.

The other two courses are located next to Blizzard Beach, one of Disney’s Two Water Parks. This collection of courses is called Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course. As the name states one set of holes has a summer setting, while the other 18 has a winter theme. Both sides are fun to play and you have to get around obstacles that are themed around Santa Claus. On one side you play through Santa and the Elves enjoying their Summer Holiday with activities like Surfing and Swimming. On the other side, you get to play through their winter activities, Ice Fishing, Hockey and skiing.
All of the mini-golf courses are a blast to play and most afternoons aren’t very busy, making them a great Hakuna Wednesday thing to do! So, next time you need to relax on your vacation, take some time out to play a round, where all the family can enjoy themselves.