I have stated before that my favorite park is Epcot. I have seen the original plans for the Experimental Community of Tomorrow, I have read what Walt wanted to do and how he planned on achieving his dream city. I know that Epcot isn’t what it was supposed to be, but I still love what it is. I love the feeling of being enveloped in a culture without having to leave Florida. I love

the laid back feeling of the park and I love the attractions and activities in Future World. One of them is housed in the greatest Building in all of Disney World. The attraction is Spaceship Earth. The Building is a 180 foot high Geodesic dome that serves as Epcot’s weenie*.

The huge dome itself is a miracle. The upper part of the dome is supported by a huge table and the lower part of it is hanging from that same table, because  when it was being planned out, the Imagineers found that a full sphere of this type could not support itself structurally. Spaceship Earth, as the sphere is

known, is actually made of two different spheres, an inner and an outer sphere. The outer Sphere is the one we see, when we are looking at the “giant golf ball”. This outer part is covered with over 11, 000 triangular panels. These panels not only look cool and fit perfectly together, but they have a drainage system that makes it so no water falls to the ground. This in itself is magical, but the attraction inside has some Magic to it also.

One of the neat Magical facts from this attraction is that as you travel through time from cavemen until the 21st century, you get to see scenes of man’s greatest moments. As you travel through these great moments, the audio-animatronics figures tell the story of mankind’s communication and growth. Many of these audio-animatronics are actually duplicates of other figures used in other attractions. If you look closely, you may see an American president or a famous American industrialist portraying another person, during your ride. The Disney Imagineers always try to make the attractions in Walt Disney World as authentic as possible. With this in mind, when you ride through the Egyptian scene, take note of the hieroglyphics. They are copied form real ones in Egypt. Other things that are recreated, for authenticity, are the graffiti in Rome, and the fact that the Morse code being tapped out is actually telling about the golden spike being driven on the transcontinental railroad. And of course the television shows being watched are actual shows.

Spaceship Earth is one of those attractions that every first time visitor to Disney World goes into. With that in mind, if you are a first time visitor, here are some tips for visiting Spaceship Earth. First of all, don’t go right into it first thing in the morning. As the throngs of people enter Epcot, it is the first thing you see and the first thing to do; so many, many people make this their first stop of the day. Don’t be one of these people. Walk by it and come back later, the line will be shorter and the ride more enjoyable. Another thing is the ride does stop from time to time in the dark, when you are tilted over on your back. If you have never experienced this, it may be a little unnerving. It will be okay, just wait it out, and don’t panic.

As a family, we did Spaceship earth many years ago and it was neat ride, through time. We enjoyed it, but we hadn’t made it appoint to get back on it every trip. A few years ago, they refurbished it. After the refurbishment, we rode it again. I love this attraction now. It is somewhat the same, but the end of the ride you take is FUN! It’s interactive it’s different and it is “Your Future”. We have made it a point now when we go down, to get on the

 attraction, because of the new ending. If you haven’t “Done” Spaceship Earth since the refurbishment in 2007-2008, you need to go give it a try again. You’ll be surprised by the Magic they have put into the Attraction.

* All of the Disney Parks have a “weenie”. This is the focal point that leads you into the park and what you Disney wants you to go toward.