Hakuna Mawednesday, to you all. So you’re in Walt Disney World, the family has spent a few days being Disney Commandoes (the Disney guest that starts off in the morning, and goes until all hours of the night without taking a break-causing unhappy people). So, you decide this isn’t working and have thought maybe I’ll take a tip from the Hakuna Mawednesday article I read on line and take a break today. I promise, you won’t be sorry. Any of the Hakuna Mawednesday ideas will help you recharge your batteries, but today’s is a day away from the parks and will still be a fun family adventure.

In Walt Disney World there are four theme parks, a major shopping area and two Water Parks. These two water parks are great places to spend a relaxing day. The older one, Typhoon Lagoon (which opened in 1989) sits on 56 Acres of land and surrounds the Miss Tilly a “Shrimp boat” that was picked up by the horrible winds of a typhoon and dropped upon Mount Mayday. Also during this storm “surfboards were hurled into palm trees and boats were tossed through thatched roofs of beach houses… and onto mountains.” (This is the legend presented on the Disney Website, explaining the history of the park.)

There are 12 different areas of Typhoon Lagoon for you and your family to enjoy. Everything from Ketchakiddee Creek (a play area for the little ones) to the Humunga Kowabunga, which is three high speed waterslides that drops 5 stories.) There are also rides that the whole family can go on together, like Gang Plank Falls which has you riding on a huge raft that fits 4 people at one time. Or you can all float around Castaway Creek on your own raft. You can also all enjoy the wave pool, just watch the little ones in the 6 foot waves. For the older kids and you parents, you can snorkel with the sharks at the Shark Reef, if you are so inclined.
The Water Park also has free life jacket usage, locker rentals, a few merchandise shops, six different places to get something to eat, and two picnic areas. You can also reserve a Beachcomber Shack, which has a private patio that has its own attendant and wait service, a private locker, chairs and chaise lounges, a stocked cooler with bottled water, a refillable mug that is usable all day, towel service for six people and it has a wooden roof to keep you in the shade.
We went to Typhoon Lagoon many years ago, when we were down one summer and enjoyed our visit. We got there later in the afternoon and stayed until almost closing. In the summer the park stays open until 8:00 and later in the day from about dinner time on, we found that the park was much less crowded. During the winter months, the park is open until 5. But usually closes for about two months for a refurbishment in the last months of the year. The cost per day is under $50, but I suggest if you are staying in Disney and have the park hopper ticket, and are planning on visiting a water park or Disney Quest, you add the Water Park Fun More Option to your ticket as it pays for itself if you visit one of the Water parks and Disney Quest or both of the Water Parks, during your visit.

Typhoon Lagoon is a great way to relax, get some sun and to spend a family day away from the parks, where you can all relax and re-energize. So next time you’re in Disney and have spent one too many days going commando, take a day at the Lagoon (Typhoon Lagoon that is.)