The question I ask my 15 year old son John every week is the same. Sometimes the conversation goes better than others, but these are his honest to goodness answers. Enjoy.

John tell me something that everyone should know about Disney World,

Umm… uhhh…

This was my articulate son’s answer, so I helped some more.

Like maybe an attraction or something to do, or something that might be your favorite.

Downtown Disney.

What would you like to say about Downtown Disney?

There’s Lots and lots to do.

This would take a lot more work on my part today; So, I asked,

Like What?

Shopping, Food, Shows. Do they still have shows there? DisneyQuest.

To answer his question, there are sometimes special shows that are presented in Downtown Disney, things like Festival of the Masters, which is an art festival and Festival of the Seasons, which celebrates the winter holidays.

Well, I know you like shopping, so, tell me your favorite place to shop in Downtown Disney.

The Sports Store.

This would be Team Mickey. I will let him explain.


Sports are my life and I love sports.

What kind of things do they sell there?

Sports team apparel, Disney themed sports stuff, obviously and ESPN stuff.

Have you ever gotten anything there?

Yes, a hat or two and some shirts.

Anything else?

A video game, but they don’t sell them anymore.

What’s your Favorite place to eat in Downtown Disney?

House of Blues.

What do you like there?

Sweet Potato Fries and Catfish Bites. The Gumbo is good also. The general food is good.

What’s it like inside the House of Blues?

Kind of dark, lots of blues music playing, I don’t know how to describe it, you can describe it better than I can.

Ok, I will. The House of Blues is actually a chain of restaurants started by Isaac Tigrett, original Blues Brother, Dan Aykroyd and designer James Cafarelli. As you walk in and are taken to your seat, you walk past the restaurant stage. Behind the bar there is a large picture of the Blues Brothers (Jake and Elwood). The walls are covered with paintings from amateur and local artists. The restaurant is a very relaxed place with blues and other music playing and a friendly staff.

So, when you go to Downtown Disney, do you just go to those two places?

No, it’s nice to roam around the resort of Disney, the Walt Disney World Resort. Well, Downtown Disney.

They have that Balloon Ride now would you ever go up in it?


The Balloon ride, is called Characters in Flight. It takes you up in a giant tethered balloon either 200 or 400 feet above Downtown Disney. The ride lasts from 8 to 10 minutes and you can see all of Disney World. John wouldn’t do it, because he “doesn’t do” heights.

What’s the most unique shop in Downtown Disney?

The Christmas Shop.

This is Disney’s Days of Christmas which sells Disney themed holiday merchandise, all year around.

Would Downtown Disney be a good place for a group of you and your friends to hang out?



All the shops and DisneyQuest.

What is DisneyQuest, John?

It is a big arcade with a variety of Video games.

Actually, it is 5 floors of video games, virtual reality games and interactive rides and games.

What’s your favorite thing in DisneyQuest?

The Nascar race, because you get to race against 7 or 8 other people. It gets pretty intense especially against the little kids.

Is Downtown Disney ok to go with your parents too?

Yes, because they have money,

This is why we are allowed to be seen with him.

No, I’m kidding of course, yes,

And how about on a date


I wasn’t going to ask any further on that line of questioning.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Downtown Disney?

Sometimes it’s hard to get parking, but you can drive there, or take a bus or even take a boat. So, go there have fun.

Thank you John,

You’re Welcome.