In this week’s  Tips From a TeenagerTuesday, my co-author mentioned that his favorite place to eat in Downtown Disney was the House of Blues. I wrote about the House of Blues, as a restaurant in an article titled In Search of Great Catfish. In that article I wrote about the restaurant and the food, but I didn’t mention the fact that the House of Blues is a good place to get a drink.

The House of Blues is considered a chain restaurant, but it is also a great venue for live entertainment and a very good place to go for a drink and to hang out and relax. Happy Hour (in the Restaurant) starts at three and goes until five, but there is also a late night Happy Hour from 10:30 until Closing. This is also when they have live entertainment in the restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights. During Happy Hours, the Domestic Bottles are $2.50 and Import Bottled Beer is $3.50, as are the House wine and cocktails. During Happy’s they also offer ½ price appetizers. Monday through Sunday, from 5- 10:30 there is live entertainment in the front courtyard, too.

The front courtyard is a great place to have a drink, it is a very comfortable place to sit and enjoy the music and laugh with friends and family. It does get a little loud and crowded when there is a show going on in the main venue. Inside the restaurant is a nice place to enjoy a drink also. You can sit at the bar or at a table and enjoy some good food and some music. If it isn’t a Friday or Saturday night, you still get to listen to some great blues and soul, which is played over the sound system.

The beer selection is pretty standard, Bud, Budlight, Coors, Heineken, Amstel Light, Corona, Corona Light, Miller Light, and Guinness. They do offer Blue Moon, which is Belgian wheat ale. They also serve Yuengling, for those from
the Mid-Atlantic States, Sam Adams for the North Easterners and Stella

Artois, for the beer snobs (of which I consider myself). Stella is a Belgium pilsner lager that is a very nice smooth drinking beer. It goes very well with the Pan Seared Voodoo Shrimp, from the appetizer menu, or the Creole Seafood Jambalaya entrée.

We enjoy the House of Blues very much, for the food. (My favorites are the catfish bites; they come with sweet potato fries and the Blue Cheese Blues Burger). But we also like to stop in and get out of the heat of the day or even stop in later in the evening, and enjoy a drink and some family time. This is one of the Unknown Magics in Walt Disney World that you can enjoy, if you give it a try.