John, tell me something you like about Disney World that everyone needs to know about.

Fire Works, Boom Boom Fireworks.

Yes, he did say Boom Boom, under his breath as we were talking.

Which Fireworks?

The Magic Kingdom’s.

The Firework show in the Magic Kingdom is called Wishes. It is a truly amazing spectacle of light and sound.


Because of the Parade before it and also the story that goes with it.

The fireworks in the Magic Kingdom usually follow the evening parade. Although there is no set time like the 3:00 Parade; the nighttime parade and Wishes change as the hours of the park change.

What tips would you give to someone going for the fireworks?

Find a spot early. Or you might not get one.

Can you give us a good place to “find one”?

There is that spot on the rock, that is good.

He says this like you all have been there with us.

What spot are you talking about?

The spot near the café.

Still talking like you have been there with us.

Can you give us directions to it?

It’s near the Noodle café off of Main Street on the way to Tomorrowland.

At this point I think he was a little annoyed, because I wanted him to explain it again, so I gave up on this thought.

Where he is talking about is on the side pathway from Main Street to Tomorrowland. If you walk through the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, there are rocks that are off to the non-building side. We have stood here to see the fireworks quite a few times.
What’s the best thing about seeing them here?
You can see the color changing castle and a good view of all the fireworks.

Anything else?

Oh, yeah, Tinker Bell flies right over top of you.

Are there any other places that you’ve seen these fireworks that you would recommend?

I’ve never done it, but the Rockets in Tomorrowland and the train station on Main Street, if you get there early enough, you can see the parade first and then the fireworks.

We have sat here for the Parade and seen the fireworks once or twice. This is a really great place to see it all, but you need to get there plenty early to stake out a place to sit.

Is there any place you don’t think you should see them from?

Frontierland, I don’t think you can see the castle.

Is there anywhere that is really different see them?

Behind the castle near the Dumbo ride was pretty Boss.

We were in line for the Dumbo ride one year and the fireworks shot off from right behind there. It was very loud and very cool.

What’s the worst thing about seeing the Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom?

The babies crying, because of the loud noises.

I thought he was going to say trying to leave afterward. This past year when we were down it took us a long time to get out of the park after the fireworks and even longer to get to our vehicle.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks?

Just grab a snack and sit back and enjoy.

Thank you, John,

You’re Welcome Sir.

*My son John, helps me with my Tuesday articles. For those of you that have a 15 year old, you will understand some of the answers, those of you that don’t; I will say these are his real answers.