A clarification, before we start. There are Attractions that many people that have never been to Walt Disney World have heard of or know about; attractions that neighbors and friends talk about when they come back from a Disney Vacation. These are great attractions and rides that stay with you and if you haven’t been, you think about when you are planning your trip to Disney. There are quite a few other attractions though which aren’t spoken about or that many people don’t even know exist. These are the Unknown Magical Attractions that we’re going to be talking about on Mondays. Of course we may dabble in the bigger attractions (as we have done in the last few weeks), but when we do, it will be to point out some Unknown Magic that can be found on the ride or in the attraction.

Today’s Unknown Magical Attraction is found in Epcot and to be more specific, in the France Pavilion. The France Pavilion itself is rather cool, with the Eiffel Tower above your head and surrounded by beautiful gardens, there are shops to experience and Pastries to be eaten. But the attraction we are talking about today is Impressions de France.

My wife waiting for the show to start

 Impressions de France is a film presented throughout the day in the Palais de Cinema and is about 20 minutes long. It is projected on 5 screens that almost surround you entirely and as you sit and watch the show, it feels as if you are surrounded by France. This is because the film takes you through different aspects of France, everything from people at a market to a wedding in a huge chapel. You experience the beaches, the Alps and of course the Eiffel Tower. You get to see the grand architecture and the stunning beauty that is France. You witness the grape picking in the vineyards, bicyclists and hot air balloons as well as a car race. The scenes are amazing and make you feel as if you are watching the French people in their daily lives.

According to the Disney Website the music played in the film “features the music of such famous French composers as Claude Debussy, Camille Saint Saens and Francois-Adrien Boieldieu—performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.” And it is perfect throughout the movie and adds a feeling of wonder and excitement.

Impressions de France is one of those attractions that many people skip over, because it is “just a movie” about France. It is more than that though, it lets you see onto the French lifestyle and allows you to see the beauty of France. It is one of the many Unknown Magical Attractions that Disney has to offer that you need to search for, but take my word for it; it’s worth finding these gems as they will add to your magical experiences.