Today’s interview with my co-author, my 15 year old son, John, took place at the dinner table. John had more homework to do after dinner, so I decided I’d use the time we had to ask the question that I normally ask; “Tell me something you like about Disney World that everyone needs to know about.”

At this point, Heather my wife who is my proof reader for my articles, turned and said,

“Isn’t that what you asked him last week?”

“Yes,” I replied, “It is the question I ask him every week.”

Heather and John

“I thought it was, but I couldn’t remember.”

Now, I’m wondering if she reads any of these articles at all, hmmmmm.  (I do read them silly)

Anyway, John looked at me like he had heard the question for the first time also, as I said he had been working on Homework before dinner, so I don’t know where his thoughts were.

Then he said, “MGM.” (Disney Hollywood Studios)

“No, the boats and bikes. Are they two different things? We could talk about them both though right, okay let’s do that.”

At this point I said, “Yes, they are two different things, and we can talk about them both.”

So, two things John says you shouldn’t miss are the Sea Raycers (mini speed boats) available at some of the resorts that have water and a boat dock surrounding them and the surrey bikes that are also available at many of the Resorts. We happened to rent one at the Boardwalk Resort.

We started talking about the Sea Raycers first.

What would you tell people about the boats?

They are quite enjoyable and offer good family fun.

Where would you recommend you rent one of the boats from?

The Boardwalk, no wait, the Polynesian, because you can see the castle while you are doing it. That would be cool.

Is there any experience that you had that stick with you when being in a boat?

(This question came about, because my wife was adding her memories of the incident that John is going to talk about.)

Yea, whenever we first rented them, the first year I could drive them by myself, I got beached on the rocks near the Dolphin and the Swan. We were trying to get out of the way of one of the water taxis (also known as the Friendship Launch) that was coming from MGM (also known as Disney Hollywood Studios.)

The “Harbor Patrol” had to come out and tow him off the rocks and then get his Sea Raycer restarted as he had pulled the kill switch out in his panic. His mom still will not go in the boats.

What experiences have you had with the bikes?

We rented one when I was real young, and you two did all the pedaling and I went with Uncle Ron and Aunt Sue and the girls that other time.

When he was much younger we rented a surrey bike and he was too young to pedal so Heather and I pedaled around the loop from starting at the Boardwalk, going past the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts and back. It was a killer burn in the legs most of the trip. The when we were down for a big family trip, with my sister’s family and our parents a few years ago, my nieces wanted to go on the surrey bikes. They tried talking my wife and me into it, but we knew what it was like to pedal around Crescent Lake behind the Boardwalk and Beach Club Resorts. So, John went with his aunt, uncle and two cousins.

What would you tell people about the bikes?

It’s a lot of physical work, but you will probably laugh a lot too.

Is it fun?

Yea, definitely, well with our family anyway.

When do you think the best times is to do these activities are?

The middle of the day in the spring or summer. No, even better late morning, when the temperatures are lower.

Anything else you’d like to add about the Boats and the Bikes?

It’s a fun experience when you feel like staying around the resort.

So, there you have it, an Unknown Magical activity that a teenager in your family will enjoy!