When you need a break from the Parks, in Walt Disney World, when you need to take some time away from the rushing, the noise, and the crowds, there are different forms of a break you can take. We’ve mentioned the day long break (going to a water park), or the in park break (some great attractions to visit for a 30 minute or more break), and we’ve even given some tips on how to take a break at Epcot and Magic Kingdom Resorts, over the last few weeks.  But, today’s tip
is more of a way to chill out for a few minutes and take some time to relax before you head out to dinner or even before you start your day after breakfast. Today’s Hakuna Mawednesday Tip is the Unknown Magic of relaxing in your resort’s Lobby.

For those people who have not stayed in a Disney Resort, you need to know that they are all individually themed. You also need to know that the theme is carried out throughout every aspect of the Resort. The rooms, the pools areas, the lobby, everything about the resort have to do with the theme of the resort. For example the Port Orleans Resort’s French Quarter looks like the French

Quarter, when you are outside the rooms. The pool has a Mardi gras theme and the Lobby even has an open air feel with street lights that make you feel as if you are in New Orleans.

All of the lobbies may not be this extravagant, but they are all really great places to sit and rest. Every one of the lobbies in all 24 of the Resorts are wonderfully relaxing and a great place to take it easy. There are plenty of overstuffed chairs and sitting areas spread all over the lobbies and some even have coffee and end tables for you to do read or have a small snack at.

Sitting in the comfortable chairs and enjoying a snack or even reading is great, but you can also enjoy people watching, which is so much fun to do in Walt Disney World. Besides people watching, you can also Cartoon watch. That’s

My wife enjoying a break in the
lobby of the Wilderness Lodge

 right, in each of the lobbies there is a television that shows classic Disney shorts; most of them in black and white and some even with original Disney characters that you haven’t seen in years. I think it is really cool to sit and watch these shorts and think about how far animation has come since they were made. It is also very neat to see young kids sitting and watching them.

Staying with theme; notice the
 poinsettia around the tree
at the Coronado Springs Resort

Besides sitting in the lobbies and relaxing, you can also take some time to explore. The Disney Cast members decorate the Lobbies for different occasions throughout the year. If you happen to be in Walt Disney World for the Holidays, you should definitely take time to look around the lobby at all the wonderful decorations. Not only do they have trees up, but they also decorate around the front entrances and other areas in the lobby. Of course these decorations stay within the theme of the Resort.

I find the lobbies of the Resorts a great place to take a break, after breakfast or before heading back out to the parks in the afternoon. It’s a nice easy going place to catch up on some e-mails or return a text message or two. I especially like relaxing in a great big chair and talking with my family about what we’re going to do next and planning out the rest of our day. If you haven’t tried it yet, the next time you are in Disney World and need a short break, head to the lobby and take a seat.