Over the last two weeks, Saturday’s posts have been about Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, today we will finish up the Firework Series at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Firework Show in Disney Hollywood Studios is called Fantasmic! This Fireworks extravaganza takes place in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. This is truly an Extravaganza. This Show is so wonderful, that Author Ridley Pearson* used it as a focal point in his new book Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow. The show is only able to be viewed in its entirety in the Amphitheater. What makes this an Unknown Magic is not that it’s a Fireworks Display, but something special for the whole family.

Before I tell you about the reasons why this show is worth seeing, I need to give a warning. This is one of those things in Walt Disney World, where people get a little crazy. I’m not talking about them getting out of hand or rowdy, No, I’m talking about the Craziness of Waiting. At the Magic Kingdom and Epcot people will set themselves up for the Fireworks about an hour before they begin. At Fantasmic, the gates open to the Amphitheater two hours before the show. If you want a seat, and actually if you want to be able to see the show, you need to show up about an hour before it starts, or you will not be able to watch.

SO, what makes people want to wait for this show for two hours? Well, first of all it is a great show. It involves the Disney Villains, against Mickey Mouse in a battle of Good vs. Evil. It is technologically amazing to see, the effects are amazing. When you finally walk out of the 25 minutes show, you are Satisfied that Disney has given you something you will remember.

Knowing that Disney does Fireworks like no one else, I’m sure that even first time visitors expect a great Fireworks show in “Hollywood”. So what makes this an Unknown Magic? The show itself is not the Unknown Magic. It’s how to see it. In Epcot and Magic Kingdom, you can see the fireworks from other places. No, the Unknown Magic here is not where to see them, but how to see them better.

The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano and Hollywood & Vine, three big restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, offer a Fantasmic! Dinner Experience. What this is basically is a FAST PASS for Fantasmic! You make an Advanced Dining Reservation for one of these

three eateries for dinner, and you are given a pass that allows you to go to Fantasmic! 30 minutes before the start and you are guaranteed a seat. There is No Additional Charge for the package, but at this time, you must book your reservation with a credit card and you will be charged a nominal fee if you do not show up.

As a person that doesn’t like to wait 2 minutes for a microwave burrito, I think this is a great thing! I mean not only can you have a great meal, Momma Melrose’s is Fantastic, but the fact that you don’t have to go to the stadium an hour to two before the show begins to me is Wonderful! This Makes this Magical Experience even better!

One other tip on Fantasmic, sometimes they offer two shows when the crowds are high. If they do offer two shows, try to go to the second one, the crowds for this show are usually smaller.

So, now that you know, Have a nice dinner and then catch Fantasmic! It will make your Magical Experience even better!

*Ridley Pearson’s next book, Kingdom Keepers IV Power Play is scheduled for release next week; April 5, 2011