I asked John the question I ask every Tuesday, “What is something that everyone should know about in Disney World?”
His answer:

The Boardwalk.

According to Disney’s Website, “Disney’s BoardWalk is designed after the boardwalks that were famous during the turn of the 20th century along such coastal cities as Coney Island, New York and Atlantic City, New Jersey.” It “contains more than 9,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and nightclubs.” It is connected to the Boardwalk Resort Hotel.

Why should they know about it?

Because of the many different things you can do on the Boardwalk.

What is your favorite thing about the Boardwalk?

Big River

Big River Brew Pub is only one of the four Big River Grilles, to be found outside of Tennessee. It is owned by the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc which owns and operates brew pubs in 29 states and two in Taiwan. It is not a really big place, but it is never really crowded and there is outdoor seating for when it is. They have Awesome Burgers and good Craft Beers.

What is your least favorite thing?

I don’t think I have anything.

Not even waiting for the boat?

I guess, waiting for the boat, but even that is nice.

Even in the Hot summer sun?

Yeah, summer is nice, especially in Disney.

Of course he says this now, sitting in our house when it is 40 degrees outside. When we are actually there, waiting for the boat when the temperature is 95 degrees and the humidity is 95 percent, He whines pretty good  about waiting.

What is the silliest thing you have ever seen on the boardwalk?

Probably one of the traveling entertainers, but those you have to catch at the right time.

Disney’s Boardwalk is the home to some fabulous street performers. There is the Bicycle piano man, Musicale Mark, who is not only good at avoiding running people over, but a funny and talented pianist, that puts on a good show. Besides Musical Mark, there are magicians that do tricks and performers that will play card games with you. There are also jugglers and other street performers that tell stories and draw in crowd members to help them tell jokes and entertain the rest of crowd. And then there are the Sword Swallowers. This both amazes me and creeps me out. But they are fun to watch on the Boardwalk. The Performers on the Boardwalk are there nightly from around seven o’clock until about nine o’clock, rain or shine, but if it is raining, you may have to search for them (Hint: they may be in the Boardwalk Resort Lobby or in a restaurant).

What is the neatest thing that you have seen or done on the Boardwalk?

Hmm, that’s a hard one, The bicycling with the family, which we talked about before in another article.

We did , if you would like to read about John’s advice for boats and Bikes, Click here.

I thought you were going to talk about Staying above the Boardwalk and leaving the drapes open so you could see the lights all around the Boardwalk and the lights at Epcot too.

Yeah, that works. I don’t think about things like that.

What is something that you have done, but don’t need to do again?


I figured here he would say riding the bike all the way around Crescent Lake.

What kind of experience would you describe the Boardwalk as?

A Relaxing and Fun experience, because everyone is relaxed and the music is playing and it’s a nice atmosphere.

What is the best thing to do at the Boardwalk?

Eat, funnel cakes are my favorite!

I’m not even going to comment on this. He is 15. Besides girls, sports and video games, he doesn’t think about much else.

Would you recommend going there at Night or Day?



The Lights, the entertainers and the games are open. And you can see fireworks from Epcot.

This is one of our favorite places to see the Epcot fireworks, although you only get to see the ones that are higher up.

Is there anything else people should know?

There are boats to MGM and Epcot.

That would be the Friendship launches that run between the Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot and stop at teh Epcot Resorts.

Thanks John Boy.

You are welcome.