What a better place for a break, than a tropical garden pathway, that is surrounded by lush exotic plants and a waterfall. This could actually describe two different places in Walt Disney World. Today’s Hakuna Mawednesday (a great place to rest and take a break) is the one found in the Animal Kingdom. This Unknown Magical place to rest and relax is called the Oasis.

The Oasis was one of the original “attractions” that opened with the Animal Kingdom in 1998. The Oasis isn’t much of an attraction, but actually the entrance way to the Animal Kingdom Park. You might want to compare it to Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom; as you walk into the park, in the Magic Kingdom, you pass under the train station in one of two entrance tunnels. Here in the Animal Kingdom, you have to decide which of the two pathways you will follow as you travel through the Oasis. As you walk down these paths, you pass different animal habitats, which are kind of like the different shops on Main Street USA.

The walkways you transverse in the Oasis are beautiful and adventurous, but at the same time very relaxing; all the animals presented in this area are there because they are perceived as being very gentle creatures. Animals like the giant sloth and the tree kangaroo, are some of the wonderful animals you will find here in the Oasis. Down all the side walkways off the main paths, you will find many different habitats. You will also find special plants and exotic birds and the overgrown foliage envelope you in a jungle of comfort. Not only does this area present animals for you to view and enjoy, but it also offers a Waterfall and a pond. The trees above create a natural shade from the hot summer sun and with these water features, this is a great place to go and catch your breath after riding Expedition Everest or even Dinosaur. But since this is the entrance to the park, most people don’t take the time to return here to use this as a resting area.

My favorite part of the Oasis is the birds. The wild birds flying about and the exotic birds presented in this area are neat to watch and are very calming. To see a Mandarin Duck or a Scarlet Macaw is an amazing thing. They are both stunning animals and rarely seen by most people. We enjoy watching the birds and can do it for quite a while.

If you are in the Animal Kingdom and you need a break, instead of heading out of the park, just head toward the entrance and enjoy the quiet Jungle of comfort.