My problem rright now is that I am sitting in New Jersey. This is a problem because I was saying to my wife last night that I would like to go to the Writer’s Stop today and sit and read Kingdom Keepers IV, the new book by Ridley Pearson that came out yesterday. Ridley was in Walt Disney World signing copies on Monday and Tuesday of this week. On Monday he was in Downtown Disney at Once upon a Toy. Yesterday he was at a great place to sit and relax and take a break from the parks, one of my favorite places for a Hakuna Mawednesday,* the previously mentioned Writer’s Stop.

The Writer’s stop is a little coffee shop/bookstore in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My wife says the coffee selection is pretty good, I don’t drink coffee, but I do enjoy the snacks they sell at the Writer’s Stop. Many people LOVE the Carrot Cake Cookie; I personally like the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie, although I don’t think I have ever had a bad muffin there either. They also sell, other assorted pastries, brownies and of course the Mouse Head Rice Krispie treat.

Being that it is a coffee shop, that sells merchandise, they sell a lot of coffee related items; coffee cups, travel mugs, cans of coffee, tea bags, and things like that. They also sell an assortment of books, magazines and Disney DVDs. The book selection is mostly books about Disney World and Disney History, but they also sell some books that are on the best seller’s lists.

Once you have your coffee and treat, you can enjoy them and a new book on one of the sofas or chairs that are in the sitting area of the store. This area reminds me of a little living room or the coffee house on the television show Friends. It is a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your drink. The shop also has high tables around the small sitting area.

Every time I have been to the Writer’s Stop, (which we do most trips to Disney Hollywood Studios) the Cast Members have been wonderful. We usually go in and get something to drink and eat, sit down and browse through a book or two and enjoy some conversation. As I said earlier, I would love to be sitting there now an enjoying Kingdom Keepers Power Play, the newest in the series.

If you haven’t read the series, I’ll give you a quick intro to the books, as reading is also a great Hakuna Mawednesday thing to do, whether in Disney or not. The stories revolve around five kids that were chosen to become holographic images in the Magic Kingdom. These kids then find themselves actually traveling to the Magic Kingdom when they are sleeping to become their holographic selves. While there, the find that a group called the Overtakers (an evil group of Disney Villains) is trying to take over the parks. The Kingdom Keepers, as the kids become known, then have to save Disney World. The three other books that have been released take place in all four of the theme parks. I have just started the fourth and am looking forward to the adventure.

So, now you know, there is an Unknown Magic in Disney Hollywood Studios where you can enjoy a great Hakuna Mawednesday. One that offers a good cup of coffee a great cookie and a relaxing place to read a new book.

*For those people new to the Unknown Magic Within Walt Disney World, welcome to Hakuna Mawednesday. On Wednesdays we share with you great places and ways to relax and maybe enjoy some recreation while on your Disney Vacation. These ideas may be things that you do not know about. Every week I try to share with you different Unknown Magical Places that you can go for these Magics.