If you are in Epcot, you can participate in the Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. This interactive game based on the Disney Channel series Kim Possible. The game in Epcot has you following clues around the park, to help you be a secret agent and solve your mission. It is a pretty neat game, and you get to spend some quality family time as you do it.

There is another game you can play as an adult in Epcot, It is usually played during the Epcot International Wine and Food Festival, but can be played anytime you are in Epcot. I have tried it once a few years ago during a visit during the festival. I wouldn’t attempt it today, as it is a young-man’s game. This game is called Drinking Around the World. The object is to have a drink from every country as you walk around the World Showcase. Now this seems like an easy thing to do, but you must remember that there are eleven countries represented in the world Showcase and the walk is only 1.3 miles. (that’s a short distance for many drinks). During the International Food and Wine Festival this past year, there were twenty-one extra booths serving food and drinks from other countries that do not have pavilions in Epcot. With this in mind, there are many great places to get a drink in Epcot. In the past, I have mentioned the Rose and Crown Pub, which is one of my favorite places for a

pint in all of Disney World. But there are some other great places “Around the World” where you can enjoy a beverage and many of them don’t offer a bar or a place to sit. These are the Unknown Magics that are the Drink Stands of the World Showcase

Around the Mexico Pavilion, for example, there is a margarita stand that is wonderful for a cool drink on a hot day. They offer Strawberry Margaritas, Lime Margaritas and a Midnight Blue Margarita, as well as Dos Equis Lager. These frozen margaritas are mighty yummy on a warm day and they are a little strong also.

If Margaritas aren’t your style, you can continue walking around the World Showcase and you will come to Norway. At the Beer Cart here, you can get a Carlsberg Beer or assorted wines. Carlsberg is a pretty good beer, a pilsner that is smooth going down. As you continue on your way, you will come to the Joy of Tea Stand. This is a funny name for this stand as it may make you think that you will have your choice of different Chinese teas. However, this stand not only sells the Chinese beer Tsingtao, but you will also find Canto Loopy (a mixed drink made with vodka and cantaloupe juice) the Mango Gingerita, and plum wine.

Continuing on our way around the world, you come to the African outpost area. Here they have the Cool Post Refreshment stand. This is one of the only places in Disney where you can get a Land Shark Lager (brewed by the Margaritaville Brewing Company). You can also get a Safari Amber which is brewed just for Disney by Anheuser-Busch.

Of course most people think that Germany is the land of beer, here in Epcot it is no different. In the Sommerfest there are a plethora of German wines and beers available. But out at the stand in Germany, they not only sell beer and wines, but they also sell shots of Jagermeister and schnapps. I have had a Becks from the stand in Germany, which is quicker than waiting in line inside Sommerfest.

So far we have been able to stop at five different stands while walking around the World Showcase and we haven’t even made it half way around. We still have Italy, Morocco, and Japan to visit along with The United states, France, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Each of the drink kiosks in near these pavilions offers beer and wine choices, but they all offer something special that relates to each country. For example, in Italy they offer Limón cello, a lemon liqueur form Italy. You may remember Danny DeVito drinking too many of these before an episode of The View. In Japan they serve SAKE, which is a nasty strong alcoholic drink made from rice. In Morocco, they offer frozen mixed drinks and Casablanca Beer, which is imported from Morocco. In France, you can get Champagne and two different slushies; the Grand Mariner Orange Slush and the Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush.

At the United States drink Kiosk, you can get Sam Adams and Bud Light which is kind of disappointing, but I look at as I always drink in the United States, so I usually look for a drink at another country’s pavilion anyway.  For example, in the United Kingdom, the drink stand is actually the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, which sells fish and chips as well as pints of Guinness, Harp, and Bass. In Canada they offer Moosehead, Labatt and Molson. They also offer a thing called a Torontopolitan which is made with orange juice, Chambord, cranberry juice and vodka. You can also get a Mojito at the Canada Kiosk.

Now if you were actually Drinking Around the World, I would think you would be having trouble seeing or at least walking at this point. As I said, I tried doing this once and gave up when I got to Morocco. I had started in Germany. I now do the vacation long Drinking Around the World Game. Every time we go to Epcot during our vacation I have a drink or two in a different country, instead of one in every country in one trip around.  It is more enjoyable for me and with a fifteen year old, plus it is a much more responsible thing to do.

So, now you know if you want to try different drinks from different countries; you can enjoy as many as you want as you circle the World Showcase. To do this, I recommend visiting the drink carts form each of the countries in Epcot, but I also recommend doing it in more than one trip around the pavilions. Enjoy Drinking Around the World, but please be safe doing it.