After dinner last night, I asked John, “Tell me something you’d like people to know about in Walt Disney World.”

His Response, “There’s a mouse, some princesses, some rides.” Then Quickly- “Don’t write that.”

So, I try again, John Tell me something you’d like people to know about in Walt Disney World.Maybe an Unknown Magic in Disney World.

A blank stare. Uh. Uh. Uh. I actually don’t know. This is a tough week.

How about a favorite attraction? A favorite place to hang out? A favorite restaurant? A place you’d like me not to put my foot in your ***.

Trying to help, (I think) my wife whispers, “Ice Cream,”

John says “I like Ice Cream!” Then enthusiastically, Beaches and Cream. Again- Don’t write that.

What is Beaches and Cream John?

It is an Ice Cream Parlor, at the Beach Club, that is open to the public.

Who else would it be open to?

It is open to everyone even if you are not staying at the resort. There are some that are like that aren’t there?

No, there aren’t.

No, well, then cut that out. Strike it from the record.

Why do you like, Beaches and Cream John?

Who doesn’t like ice cream? I like Ice cream.

Do they only serve Ice Cream?

I believe they have small lunch items, I believe.

Actually Beaches and Cream is a Soda Shop type restaurant that offers sandwiches, soups salads and many ice cream treats.

What’s so great about this place?

It is hard serve, isn’t it? Yes, it is it comes out of the buckets, so it is hard serve. It is difficult to find good hard serve and they have many different flavors. It is like a 50’s styled pop-shop.

He was asking and answering his own questions throughout our interview. It was as if it was a stream of consciousness or something. I think he meant Soda Shop, which is funny, because I have never heard him say pop to mean soda.

So the inside is…

Bright and colorful, rather retro.

At this I pointed out that a 50’s soda shop would have to be retro and once again he said- cut that out; of course I didn’t cut out anything he said to.

So, you recommend sitting inside?

Usually, but is it is near the pool, so you can walk around. It gets messy.

What does?

Ice Cream, it melts.

My 15 year old honor student ladies and gentlemen, sharing with us that ice cream melts and gets messy. His mother and I are so proud.

So where do you recommend sitting?

Inside, so it doesn’t melt as fast.

Is there anything really special that they serve or have?

The Kitchen Sink.

What pray-tell is that? (he’s not the only one who can be witty)

They give you a kitchen sink, and fill it with lots and lots of ice cream, it is best shared with a group. We haven’t had one yet, but I plan on it.

Have you ever seen a Kitchen Sink?

Yes, once. They make a pretty big deal out of it when they are serving it.

So, was it Huge?

Me and My Kid!

Yes, it was a good size Kitchen Sink; you could do a few dishes in it.

At that I gave him a look and he responded with,
“Hey I’m your kid.”


So, is there anything else you want people to know about Beaches and Cream?

When the kids are upset take them there it will make things better.

His words not mine. I personally wouldn’t share that part with your kids.

Thanks John.

Sure Dad.