We were in Walt Disney World last summer in the middle of July. It was hot. We knew it would be, but it was still hot. This is one of the drawbacks to travelling when the kids are out of school. But we have to do this because as teachers, that is when we are off from work also. So, it was a hot July day, we were in the Disney Hollywood Studios and we decided we would head for Epcot and get some lunch. As we walked up Hollywood Boulevard, we discussed the fact that we needed something to drink. Soda, water, anything to quench our thirst; the problem was walking toward the entrance, Hollywood Boulevard offers few places to get a drink. So, as we were looking around, we thought maybe we could get a drink at the Crossroads. But alas, they only sell gifts and items you may need to get you through a day in the
park, batteries, suntan lotion, etc. So, even though this tower at the entrance offers an Unknown Disney World Magic (Mickey’s ear acts as a lightning rod) we couldn’t satisfy our need for liquid refreshment.
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something I had never noticed. At Oscar’s Super Service Station off to the left of the front gate as you are leaving the studios, there is a refreshment stand off to the side of it. We decided to grab a soda here, but when we got to the counter, all that changed and we enjoyed a special treat that we never would have had. The special treat on this oppressively hot day was, Iced Coffee. This cool refreshing drink that we stumbled upon was just what we needed. Not only was it cold, but it was very tasty also.

The little stand that we found at the front entrance alongside Oscar’s is called the Ice Cold Snack Stand. It is presented by Coca-cola. It even has a Coke bottle on the sign. They don’t offer much to eat, a few cookies and such, but they offer all kinds of drinks. Of course they offer Coke products, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Barq’s root beer. They also offer bottled water, in two sizes. And apple and orange juices, great if you have younger kids. And then they have Coffee choices. The coffee choices are enough to make Dunkin’ Donuts jealous. They offer Espresso, Cappucino, and regular Coffee. Then they also have Iced French Vanilla, Iced Mocha and Iced Latte. They also serve hot tea and Cocoa.

The Ice Cold Snack Stand is a great place to get a cold drink. It is definitely one of those places that you see, but you don’t pay attention to. I don’t know how many times my family had walked by it over the years, before we finally went over to it. It is just a tiny little refreshment stand, there was only one Cast member working there when we walked up, but not offering as many items, made it easy for her to quickly fill our order.

So, next time you are either entering or exiting Disney Hollywood Studios, look to the side just inside the front gate, to see an Unknown Magic that can help you enjoy your day just a little bit more, by quenching that thirst.