One of the Reasons I started this blog, was because I get excited about the little details in Walt Disney World, The Unknown Magics that you find when you aren’t looking, but just taking your time and relaxing at the Happiest Place on Earth. They can be at the Resorts, at the Parks, or when traveling around Walt Disney World. Some of our families most Magical Experiences are things we happened upon. As I have stated over and over, we are not Disney Commandos. We take our time, we stroll, we relax, and we take breaks. That isn’t to say we don’t do the extra morning hours, or haven’t been at a rope drop, we do, those things. And actually that is how we found today’s Unknown Magic.

We did an Extra Morning Hour at Disney Hollywood Studios, when we were there last summer. It was nice as usual to get into the park before the crowds, and we made our way to Toy Story Mania. We got a FastPass (because the day before FastPass was empty for the attraction by 10:15 am), we figured we’d go on it when we were there and then go back later. So, we took our ride then had 2 hours to do something with before our FastPass time. We decided to stroll through the shops on

Hollywood Boulevard. After shopping for a while, we decided to head to over to Epcot. For those of you that don’t know, From Disney Hollywood Studios, you can get to Epcot by getting on one of the boats called Friendship Launches that are stationed on Crescent Lake.

When we got to Epcot, Future World was open, so we went there. We decided to go into Innovations West, which we don’t always do and probably haven’t done in about three years. We walked through looking at different presentations and games and then

happened upon, Slap Stick Studios, presented by the Velcro Company. The show they present here is called “What’s Your Problem?” it’s billed as an Interactive Game Show. This peaked our interest, so in we went, (mainly because they were letting people into the show as we walked up). I am so, glad we went in. This Show gave us a Magical Experience that we still are talking about. So today, I present to you The Unknown Magic of “What’s Your Problem?”

When you first enter the “studio” there is a small stage to your left and bench seating to the right. When we went there may have been 20 people watching this show, but that would be a kind estimate. There are two hosts for the show, the one let’s you into the studio and then the other joins him on stage. They started the show by talking to the audience (since we are the kind of people to talk back, they liked us, right from the beginning). They start off by giving you a history of hook and loop fasteners, what we commonly refer to as Velcro. They do let you know repeatedly throughout the show that what you call Velcro is actually hook and loop fasteners, not Velcro, as Velcro is the name of the Company. They also tell you that the name Velcro comes from the French Words, “velour” and “crochet”, put together to become Velcro.

Then they start the Game show. At our show, they called three kids up first to play. Then they had the kids get their parents up to help them. The game they played was about traveling by plane to Florida and not taking a second bag, because they charge for them. It was funny to see the kids pack all their things, with the help of hook and loop fasteners, on their parents.

The next game that was played, I was called up onto stage. They had me and another gentleman come up and put on aprons that had the loop part of hook and loop on it. Then they rolled out a cart of baby dolls. Our job was to diaper the baby dolls using diapers with the hook side of the hook and loop and then stick the babies to our aprons. We were given 60 second I think, it was hysterical. The diapering part wasn’t bad, but the babies wouldn’t stick to my apron. I think I lost 4 to the floor. My wife and son laughed the entire time as they enjoyed our Magical Experience.

The show ended soon after and the as the crowd dispersed we talked a little to the hosts. They made the show fun, and even if I wasn’t on stage I know we would have enjoyed it.

So, now you know, take the time to stop in Innovations West and find the Unknown Magic of “What’s Your Problem?”

To see more about this neat show you can go to: http://www.slapstickstudios.com/

* I loved this attraction and was discussing it over the weekend with someone. I decided to repost this article since few people know about this Unknown Magical Attraction. This article originally appeared as I was Loopy.