Last summer, I bought a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Margarita Machine. It was a nice addition to our Tiki Bar. It is pretty nice. It is a three step machine that adds the ice automatically for you and mixes all your ingredients. The problem I have with it is that I’m not big into Margaritas. I use it to make other frozen drinks, mudslides, for example, and I can drink the Margaritas, but I’m not a big Tequila drinker. My wife likes a good Margarita though, so when we are in Disney, we visit the little stand outside the Mexico Pavilion and we grab a Margarita to wander with. Of course inside the Mexico Pavilion there is also a good place to get a Margarita. Once a few years back, when we were eating in the San Angel Inn, we had some pretty good Margaritas!  We enjoyed them very much!  It even gave our son the opportunity to buy a Sombrero that was huge, and a lot of silliness ensued, but that is another story. Today’s story is about Tequila and where you can find it in Disney World.

Most people don’t think of Disney World as a place to get a drink, but there are some specialty places in Disney that are all about the tequila. Our Big Hat adventure in Epcot took place quite a few years back. Now, the San Angel Inn is sharing the Mexico Pavilion with another bar. This isn’t any bar though, La Cava del Tequila, is a specialty shop that sells and tells about Tequila. They actually have a Tequila Ambassador, someone to help you learn about the history and process of Tequila making and about different types of Tequila. There are about 30 seats in the shop and they serve light Mexican fare, but they are mainly here to sell you Tequila. They offer a variety of Margaritas and they have 70 different types of Tequila ranging from stuff you may have heard of, too very rare $50 a glass specialty Tequila.

La Cava del Tequila is open from around noon until Epcot’s closing. If you want some Tequila and you don’t happen to be in Epcot, you can always head over to Downtown Disney. This is where you will find Paradiso 37. This is a newer restaurant/bar on the West Side that was being added before they decided to change Pleasure Island. It is still there and is a great place to get a Margarita.
Paradiso 37 is a “high-energy restaurant and bar that serves up unique cuisine inspired by the Taste of the Americas.” It not only offers an international Wine list, but a Tequila Tower and 37 different types of Tequila. They also offer 10 different types of Margaritas for your enjoyment. Paradiso 37 also offers live music and the menu is rather extensive. They open at 11 AM and offer specialty coffees and a lunch menu that is almost as big as the dinner menu. They both offer Appetizers, soups and salads, as well as a Main course and Desert. The restaurant is pretty large and is a non-smoking establishment.

So now you know, there are a couple of Unknown places in Disney World where you can get a Margarita, try some different Tequila and maybe some new food as well. Just remember too much Tequila and an eleven year old who wants a rather large sombrero may be a problem, when you try to figure out how to get that Big Hat home on the plane.