Hello John.


So, John what would you like to talk about today? Something that might be an Unknown in Disney World, maybe?

Quick food Stands, vendors.

Like what? What do you mean?

The vendors that sell foods at little stand in the parks, or sometimes the resorts.

I just looked at him, so he continued.

The people that sell food at little stands like ice cream. They have them at Epcot, they sell one thing, like popcorn and stuff.

So, what would you like to tell people about these stands?

Of the wonderful things they sell, like food and merchandise.

How about if we stick with food?

OK, we’ll just go food now.

So, tell me about some of these stands.

Let me set the scene for you, it’s in the 90’s high humidity, you’re dying to quench your thirst to cool you down. You don’t see a restaurant in sight, then you hear a man yell, Ice Cream (they don’t yell). You turn and you spy a little stand, off in the distance, you see the man selling ice cream, and a great joy rises up within you, because you know your needs will be met momentarily.

I don’t type as fast as he talks so, I had him stop talking. Then he said, “Let me know when I can continue.” When I nodded, he continued.

And, as you approach the stand the man asks you can I help you? You say yes, I need a chocolate fudge bar, pronto. He hands you one after you pay a small fee and all your needs are met for the time being.  I should write novels.

Anyway John, What kind of foods besides ice cream do these little stands sell?

They sell, drinks, sodas, in Epcot they sell Turkey Legs, and I think you can get one in the Magic Kingdom near the Hall of Presidents that’s right, right.

Yes, it is. You can also get one in Disney Hollywood Studios also, but please don’t tell John this.

Epcot is the best, because the food is usually better, well the food is more diverse. You can also get alcoholic beverages if your kids are bothering you too much,
Don’t write that. (If this is your first time reading, you’ll find that I transcribe exactly what John says.) If you feel the need.

Why are you talking so fast tonight?

Because this is a topic I am passionate about and have much knowledge about.

What other kinds of food did you say they have?

They basically have your basic snacks. Pretzels and ice cream, it’s tough to explain, it’s like a ball game.

Besides the turkey legs what is your favorite thing to get at one of these stands?

The lemonade slushy in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom; we get one there every time. They are great for cooling you off on a hot day.

What is the most unique thing they sell at the stands?

Margaritas, No wait, the Rose and Crown sells the really big beers.

Outside the Rose and Crown Pub in Great Britain in Epcot, they sell what are called, Yards of beer and they are actually three feet of beer in a rather long tubular mug.

What is something you have seen sold at one of the stands that surprised you?

Probably the margaritas near Mexico, No probably the turkey leg the first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe they sold a big hunk of meat at a stand.

Do you remember what is special about the stands in Animal Kingdom?

No.  Then very softly, Can you remind me?

What they don’t give you when you buy something.



Because they don’t want you littering around the animals.

Where is your favorite stand in each park?

Magic Kingdom- Frontierland; Lemonade Slushy

Disney Hollywood Studios- the one that sells Popcorn (it is near the entrance to the animation courtyard).

Epcot- Turkey Leg

Animal Kingdom- an ice cream one, because it seems way hotter there than it does at the other parks.

Are there any other stands that you think people should know about?

No, but I recommend the chocolate fudge bar.

At this point I gathered we were about done, because he started pacing the kitchen.

Well, thank you john, you were very informative tonight.

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could be of service.