Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Mothers out there, especially to my mother and my wife. I originally wrote this article last Father’s Day, because of a tweet made by Garth Vaughan. His tweet was called, “Disney Time is Family Time” It came from the Disney Parks Blog and showed a great picture of two kids with their dad at Disney World. I enjoyed writing this article after seeing Garth’s post, because I still believe that this is one of the Biggest Unknown Magics of a Disney World Vacation, Family Time. The chance to spend
time with your family, maybe to reconnect with those pre-teen and teens or to give a little extra attention to a little one that needs it, because you’ve been working so much, or just to hang out as a family, without running to this practice or that game, is a Magical Experience in itself. But to do it in Walt Disney World is even more special.
Everything in Disney is aimed at Family Fun, Family entertainment, Family togetherness. This is one of the reasons why Disney offers so many perks to stay on site. Everything from the Magical Express from the airport, to the on-site transportation, and the Disney Dining Plan are aimed at making the vacation of your dreams easier on you, so that you don’t have to worry or stress over the little things and you can spend more time with your Family.

Take the Disney Dining Plan for example, everyone in the traveling party must have the Dining Plan if you purchase it. Some people don’t like this, but I see it as a way to make sure we eat as a family, which I personally think is a great thing (many families don’t get a chance to do this anymore). Disney Restaurants are also all child friendly and not only that, but the cast members that work in them know how to talk to kids and relate to them very well. A family meal in Disney World can become a Magical Experience at any moment, sometimes because of your family, sometimes because of a Disney cast member. When I was a teenager, I slept in one morning on a trip to Disney World with my family. When they got back, I was told all about my Dad wrestling around on the floor at the restaurant in the Contemporary Resort with Goofy, because my dad happened to be wearing socks with Goofy on them. I still remember my disappointment in missing what was a Magical Experience on my family’s trip.

Another thing that Disney does to promote Family Fun is make it so most of the attractions can be ridden by everyone. There are very few height requirement rides in Walt Disney World. The Thrill rides Rock-n-Roller Coaster, Space Mountain and Mission Space come to mind, but you may be able to ride with the children. Check with the Cast member at the queue for the ride. Even the attractions that seem to be more for the children have ride vehicles that will fit a grown adult. This makes it easy for you and the youngest members of your family to enjoy time together also. This makes every attraction a possible Magical Experience.

If you look back over the posts I’ve written over the last six months, you’ll see maybe one or two that are aimed at adult entertainment, or satisfying one certain member of the Family (a teenager for instance). That is because everything in Disney is for everyone in the family. I have a friend that begrudgingly went to Disney a few years back. He is a workaholic to the Nth degree, but his wife and daughters wanted to go. He figured he’d play some golf, send them to the parks, and they’d have dinner together every night. Well, the first day, he played his round of golf, met up with the family for lunch and was expecting a nap and to sit by the pool and do some work for the afternoon. Well, his youngest asked him to go on Tower of Terror with her, she was afraid, and he said yes. He didn’t make another tee time the rest of the trip, because he had so much fun with them that afternoon that he didn’t want to miss anything else that week, because of the Unknown Magic; Disney time is Family time.

As Disney Vacation Members, we get to vacation in Disney often. A few years back, we skipped our yearly trip and waited until the following year. On that trip, my son, wife, and I took my parents and my sister and her family. There were a total of nine of us. My sister is a Disney Commando, which is against my beliefs, so we did our own thing most of the time, and went to the parks together maybe twice, but ate many meals and hung by the pools together often. Throughout the trip my son who is an only child, kept saying “it’s great to have Family”. He was having Magical Experience after Magical Experience with his cousins and family.

One night we went to Chef Mickey for dinner. We met my sister’s family there, so there were five of us traveling from the Beach Club Resort to the Contemporary Resort. I hadn’t thought about the travel time, so instead of trying to coordinate buses and all that, we drove over. The only problem was that I had rented a convertible that sat four comfortably. My Mom who at that time was just over 60 years old, ended up sitting in between the two back seats and we laughed all the way home that evening, after laughing all through dinner that evening. A Magical Experience that I will never forget.
So, now that you know, even if you can’t afford to go to the parks every day, or you can only go to Disney World for five days instead of seven, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you are in Disney, you will have Magical Experiences because of the Unknown Magic; Disney Time is Family Time.

*Post title comes from this quote from Lilo and Stitch: “This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.”