>Some of my favorite things in Walt Disney World are the sounds. I love hearing the bell on the trolley on Main Street USA, I love hearing the explosions from Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! When I am walking in Disney Hollywood Studios and I love hearing the screams from Test Track. But my all time favorite sound in Walt Disney World is the background music. For people that have not been to Disney

before, there is music played in all of the guest areas throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. This musical background is an Unknown Magic because it is like the color scheme of the Resorts or the landscaping of the parks; the Disney Imagineers use music in Walt Disney World to enhance the feel of where you are without being intrusive. Even though the music fills the air and it is around you, many people miss it. They hear it as white noise, not as part of the Experience. But I see the music as helping with the theme of whatever area you are in. It helps you to become more involved in the experience, more engulfed in the magic.

For example, in Adventureland there are tribal drums that play, making you feel as if you are entering a jungle. While in Frontierland you can hear the Wabash Cannonball as you are walking past the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café. In Disney Hollywood Studios as you walk up Hollywood Boulevard it isn’t

 uncommon to hear Hooray for Hollywood being played from the speakers. In Epcot the music is what you would find in each of the countries represented in the eleven different pavilions. From the Chinese music,

featuring zither and lute type instruments to the Mariachi Music that fills the air around the Mexico Pavilion, the music adds to the atmosphere and helps you to believe you are really in that country.

There are other places where the music is not only part of the attraction, but also very much a part of the experience, where the music is as memorable as the ride. The most well known of these attractions is It’s a Small World. The song for the ride written by the Sherman Brothers, composers for many of the Disney movies, is a song that stays with you for many hours after riding through the attraction. A place that is more of an Unknown Magic in Walt Disney World where this happens is at Winter Summer Land, the miniature golf course near Blizzard Beach, the music played here is very important to the feel of the two courses. Depending on which course you play, the winter or the summer side, you will either sing along with the Beach Boys or with Classic Christmas carols. This is a fun way in which the music adds to the experience.

I enjoy listening to the music in Walt Disney World so much that even when I am home, I try to enjoy some of the magic that I get from it. I have the Official Disney Theme Park CDs and I have some recordings of the music played on the Resort TV channels that I listen to from time to time, but the one way that I get my

Disney Music fix that I can share with everyone, is by listening to Reedy Creek Radio. They not only play the music from different attractions and from parades and firework shows, but also from the resorts. It is a good way to enjoy the music from Disney World even when you aren’t there.

So, if you are in Disney World or are going to Disney soon, take the time to enjoy one of my Favorite Disney things, the Music that surrounds you when you are there. And if you aren’t there but miss the music as I do, try Reedy Creek Radio for your Disney Fix.