I usually interview John (my 15 year old son) after dinner on Mondays that way we have some time to sit and discuss his answers. Last night, John was looking forward to getting back to X-Box after his homework and his friends were calling to get him moving. So getting his mind with me was a chore in the beginning, but like usual, John got his mind wrapped around Disney and gave some good answers. Here is our conversation about his Thoughts on something in Disney World.

John tell me something that you would like everyone to know about in Walt Disney World. Put down the phone please. What is something people should know about?


Maybe something that you like doing, or going to or eating at?

Get the phone later. Please

A Japanese Place where they cook in front of you.

Ah, the one track fifteen year old mind. I could have predicted this; he was just saying during dinner that the guys on his tennis team are going to go to the Hibachi Grille for dinner later this week.

Teppan Edo?

Yeah, the place in Epcot.

Why should people know about this?

Because it is an exquisite dining experience, I enjoyed it when we went there.

 I love when he uses words like exquisite, it makes me smile. I mean how many teenagers use words like this?
 What made it exquisite?

The food was rather good and them cooking in front of you is pretty cool.

It is pretty neat experiences having the chef cook your food in front of you on the big grill table.

Do you remember what you ate?
Some Sushi, assorted meats and vegetables that were cooked, (I think he means as compared to the sushi which wasn’t) steak Shrimp and rice and veggies.

Would this have been as special if it weren’t in Disney?

Uh, I don’t think so. The chefs have a personality and they are from Japan and they were really good at what they do.

What was the neatest part?

The onion volcano- the guy made. He stacked onions and made them steam and it looked like a volcano.

His Mother said this was her favorite part as we started talking about Teppan Edo and he told her that she wasn’t being interviewed. Funny how this was his favorite part too!

Was there any bad part?

Probably the wait to get in. even with reservations you have to wait a while.

The other problem my wife and I had was that we didn’t get to talk to each other through dinner because the seating around the table makes it difficult to talk to anyone but the person right next to you.

Can you describe the dining room to us?

It was Japanese Décor, (imagine a Japanese steak house with Japanese Décor.) It had a stove, with a counter around it and you sat at stools with another group. We were with a pretty cool family.

There are actually two large grill tables in each dining area and the “counter” surrounds three sides of the table, so that the chef doesn’t have his back to anyone while he is cooking.

Is the chef the only person serving you?

No, they have waitresses filling your drink order and taking other requests.

Like what? Karaoke numbers? (Yes, I was the one being goofy.)

NO, it’s not that type of Japanese club.

What other types of requests did they take?

Special food requests.

Do you remember what they asked?

Something about the food.
(Between the three of us, we remebered them asking if anyone had any food allergies and if anyone was a vegetarian.)

So, where did the food rank in all of the places we have eaten in Disney?

Probably 2 or 3 it was very good food.

And how about ranking the experience?

Probably one of the best.

Is there anything else you want people to know about Teppan Edo?

Get reservations, because you will not get a seat if you just walk up. And there is a restaurant part if you don’t want the whole in your face experience.

Even Advanced Dining Reservations for Teppan Edo are hard to come by. I recommend trying to get this as one of your reservations at the 180th Day before your arrival. (This is the window at which Disney allows you to start making reservations).

Thank You John, you can answer your phone now.

You’re welcome… Yeah? (into the phone).